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I require you to read this disclaimer if you are going to read any part of this report / literature / web site or send me any money at all.

I quote the $ results & %'s to show the power of the methods - this is how I think of them and evaluate their performance. They represent an achievement & should not be ignored. While such results may be "quick" compared to other fields, especially fields where such results are not possible, ever, I do not quote them - "4 months", "63%-78% win", etc. to attach some imagined "instantaneous" quality to them or encourage anyone to think they are going to have access to a "get-rich-quick-scheme". Results are not quoted to encourage anyone to think they will make any money at all without a decent, respectable-by-me-and-anyone-having-done-the-above effort and in some cases considerable experience. The work is not hard (to those who do it); what's hard is trying to achieve such results without doing the work or while doing it wrong. I quote such results for sake of being accurate for someone who applies him or herself.

If you are one of those uninitiated in business or investing who still searches for non-existent or get-rich-quick-schemes that require not the use of a comparative brain in your head and hence don't want to apply yourself / think 'you don't have to', to achieve such results (in any field, with any method), stop reading now and go elsewhere.

In his first 1.5 months of work, one pure beginner who didn't even know the terminology and who acted honestly enough to become a Fund Manager achieved his first results with the first method given. If used in practice, would have turned $2000 into $79,000 in 1 year - a life-like trading simulation, entirely mechanical & done after programmed into a computer in 3 minutes - very basic parameters - nothing resembling curve-fitting & far from optimized. If he continues applying himself soon he will be given the "4 month" & similar methods. But for the first 1.5 months of work, never before having any knowledge of the field, his results are good - because he worked for them. (This person had owned several of Wallace's / Hamilton's works for a number of years. As well, both Fund Managers whose results are mentioned in the update were longtime readers of Wallace's materials.)

In all fields you have to earn what you get here and graduate to the better methods. For example, the "4 months" in "$2K into $276K in under 4 months" method starts whenever you have done enough work and you have acted competently enough to be entrusted with it and then have made it happen as the private contractor you are. Some people have it in their heads the "4 months" starts with the posting of a letter!

I'm not saying this is what you or anyone will achieve. I'm saying: supply reasonable (to me with 10 years doing it) parameters (% win, % net, # trades, etc.), manage it all reasonably, and this is just what happens in testing using real life-like trading simulations (not vague calculations as almost everyone uses). As close to the actual thing as you can get (& still study the effect of what you're supposed to be doing - before you do it) and accurate to the cent including effect on market, tax withheld, etc. - see pg 22. Also see Disclaimers specific to simulated results for any field at end of Method Specifics (see separate update booklet). Nor am I saying it takes 10 years to master IF you're chosen for replication. Maybe it will happen in your case. Maybe it won't. All you can do is maintain your long-range parameters because it's the best thing you can possibly do (you'll soon realize that's more than enough). This is Reality, and life (sorry to some). There are no effortless artificial guarantees. Your work and your time spent and your resulting long-range parameters are the only real "guarantees" you get. (That said, you should be surprised to see what the contracts say about it other than that.)

I'm saying: I have many exclusive, original, unsold trade secrets and methods - completely different, unheard of (better) approaches unlike anything marketed, and having spent the time to earn such, I only want people, regardless the field, who are rational and as such serious.

Therefore, if you "can't wait" for the mail (or email) to be delivered, or for me to find time to respond to it, don't respond - I don't want any money or work from you in that case. I respond as quickly as physically possible usually within mere days of receiving letters / orders / applications. Because I am an investor, trader, and researcher however, I make no guarantees of how quickly I will respond to anything - it could take 3 days, 30 days or even longer in rare cases to respond after receiving a letter/email depending on what it contains. This is aside from airmail delivery time which is average anywhere between 5 & 10(+) days from North America or Australia to the UK and then the same back again. Even a small 1st class/airmail envelope between UK and nearby European countries can regularly take 7-10 days one way (thank customs / foreign postal systems). This despite a consistent 1-2 days between any 2 major British locations, 1-2 days 1st class between any 2 major Australian cities and 1-3 days between any 2 U.S. locations.

You are not supposed to be dependent on me. You are supposed to be dependent on your own competency - experience aside - which is a result of your own honesty. If you want something good - especially to be awarded a contract as Fund Manager, or a personal response and consideration of such - as opposed to something mass-marketed, you have to wait for it! (Believe it or not, not everyone realizes this!) Most mail (1st class/airmail) takes between 15-40 days round trip (you to me, back to you again)*(see end). Most email is answered in 2-7 days round trip.

If you've sent in a pre-application or final application for consideration of being awarded a contract and there is any incompleteness or anything that looks like it may be wrong, it can sometimes take longer. Same to return improper payments. It takes as long as it takes to answer. Personal checks also carry their own additional delay; for fastest response send money order, draft, or certified check (or cash - registered mail only). As of Feb 2001, only some 1200 introductory reports describing the Fund Manager opportunities have been sent out to ad responses (or accessed via the web). Of course I use various assistants, but preferring to keep it small, I personally try to answer every incoming order question and all applications thus guaranteeing a knowledgeable personalized response.

All mail / email is valued and answered as quickly as time allows, & international postal systems with the billions upon billions of pieces of mail to be delivered each year, though reliable, can sometimes cause delays (as do nearly illegible writing / improper addresses and improper payments). Not a publisher or writer, I do not waste my time a) fielding phone calls until after the person is accepted for replication and after I know them, and b) on people not serious- minded enough to send the proper currency, payment form or properly completed applications etc. - except to return the improper payment, etc. If I communicated any other way, I'd have neither time to invest nor time to run my other businesses. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is known as honesty in business. Wealth requires effort to earn. It requires things to be done right no matter how long that may take. If you can't accept that, don't like it or can't bring yourself to learn what it means for the first time, don't respond. I am only interested in people who want long-term business relationships (because that's where the money lies), not those who want the unearned rewards of business or have no idea / care of what it takes and are only concerned with how fast they can get "rewarded" without earning it (or how quickly they can get a response from me). Those impatient / immature types are everywhere! Someone who shuns honesty ("it's too hard", "it's too long to wait", "that's ridiculous" - "he should be in the 'service' business", etc) and "avoids" honest work renders him / herself incapable of any such described results.

What you see here "for sale" (at my costs since not even moderately marketed) are medical reports, applications and consideration of them and details describing them / the replication opportunities available. I do not sell (S&H, a portion of the production costs of 70(+) pg introductory literature aside) any reports or methods on investing or making money. It is / has always been my policy that all charges including token replication fees are only enough to cover my actual costs in getting you the literature / replication - my costs essentially ASIDE FROM my professional time that is. I make no profit on any price you see here or in the contracts and frequently lose money on them. To make a profit at these costs, they'd have to be mass-marketed. To that end, I am seeking dealers - but not to mass-market the investment replications. I wouldn't be doing business this way if I didn't know the split of the profits is where the real and only worthwhile (to me anyway) money lies.

Those of you familiar with FIH (Neo-Tech) will recognize these private contractor positions as FIH employment opportunities.

Some people uninitiated in business, replication, FIH and usually investing period who have been without the described methods / positions for 20 or 50 years send in their pre-application or $6 or so for such, then go crazy because they've received no response in 1 or 2 weeks or thereafter - particularly those who don't bother to read the literature enough to see even what currency they should be sending, payable to whom, and in what form! If you want to avoid unnecessary delay, or if you want any response at all, read this literature properly and completely (it has a purpose) then do what it says! As opposed to what some of these types decide they want to do in spite of it! We are always glad to sell the medical reports, but I have no interest in replicating any part of any of my businesses to people who do (simple) things wrong. Also, some of the pre-applications look like they've been written by people who didn't even care to know / read about what they're applying for and are just so silly they are not responded to. I do my best to respond to all unsolicited letters and questions (most to all answers for which are inevitably found in the literature these people have already been sent) and enjoy doing such as well as answering all the mail I personally can. For the unsolicited and unnecessary ones however, it's just not possible sometimes for a long, long time if at all. If I spent my time on such unnecessary things, I would never have been able to do what you can now read about herein. I am not a professional question answerer / other peoples' problems-solver. I am a professional investor and trader.

* Presently, for those things that need to be in writing, the only way to speed this along is your sending courier / express delivery to the UK or Australian address and/or for you to include $40.00 US to have us send it back to you courier (no personal checks for anything when doing this; one price anywhere in the world; no slower options, only what we think is the fastest delivery). A good courier for reaching us in the past has been DHL. Post Office express mails are generally unreliable (especially internationally). This only speeds up time from you to our offices and from our offices directly to you - it has no effect on time required to answer your mail. We are not set up for this, not being in the "service" business, and this can be a time-consuming process. In some cases, we may be too busy and/or think courier is not worth the price if time savings are likely to be insignificant: we will either return your payment or give credit in same amount then. Tell us your preference in advance and be sure to send money order / draft / certified check / registered mail cash only for the $40.00 US as well as for any other amount then enclosed.

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