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Introduction - Subtitles Below

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Business Vs. Information Vendoring

I am in the business of inventing and identifying trade secrets for investment and maximum profit - trade secrets I use myself and through other people. I do NOT gamble like 95(+)% of all investors, most of whom use unproven methods and lose in the long run. The methods I use are proven to work and my goal has not been to just find one "ultimate money-making method" in each investment field but to find ALL worthwhile and profitable methods and integrate them for a synergistic effect.

I do not allow overuse or marketing to ruin my investments. I do not mass-market any of my businesses and I never will. Nothing you see of the method results on this web site are for their "marketing" purposes: it is to use the methods and trade secrets through other people.

The Kind of Methods That Only Result From Prolonged Self-Guidance

I'm offering a position in my business (not "downline" / "network" / "group") and not a book, course, method, seminar, advisory, newsletter, managed fund, etc., all of which are opposites to what I do. Without integrated knowledge, the above are wastes of time and short-term solutions at best which do not yield long-term money or wealth.

Just as J. Paul Getty, I would much rather have 20% (even up to 90% for the most original and valuable of all trade secrets) of the success OF FIFTY PEOPLE than to have 100% of my own success - the success OF ONE PERSON (after it's fixed so capital, location, & experience are virtually no consideration). And I would much rather "compound" myself by replicating my success to fifty other people. (Also, doing everything myself without replicating to others only causes me not to have time to concentrate on other skills I've already taken the time over the years to develop in a variety of different fields not all of them mentioned here.)

Those Experienced in These Fields Will Understand &
Immediately Recognize the Following:

For specific income purposes and results, marketed (at all) literature - books, seminars, advice (faxed or otherwise), systems, newsletters, managed-for-you-anything, "leased", "licensed" or otherwise - are valuable only as starting-off points. Their only value is in getting you to think and to apply the generalities given (test any specifics supplied, see them fail / fall inadequate / incomplete, and have to fill in the gaps yourself).

"Secret" or income-generating specifics that work are used, and cannot be sold. Stale leftovers and vague generalities are thrown together for marketing purposes and can be sold. Selling those that work ruins their profits and usefulness. Ideas are (copied off their originators and) sold. Little if anything else. (Ideas are neither trade secrets nor profitable.) And they're sold to make the publisher / "advisor" money - by selling them - not by using them. Because the seller doesn't primarily use them himself (present tense), even if they did work / were secret at one time, after a short period of time, they may cease to work or be valuable at all. What I'm doing is using what I've earned myself in the only way possible for maximum (or Neo-Tech) profits: through other independent people who operate in a position, in a business.

What I do is find, create and use the best methods period - no matter where they come from. I do not limit myself to 1, 2 or 3 'investigated / tested theories' or person's opinions. And I certainly don't limit myself to their "publishing company's"! Methods identified in the initial disclosures represent the result of 197 years combined trading / investing experience on the parts of the designers & myself. I use ALL methods that work to very high standards - not 1 or 2 or 10 specialized ones only - even though just 1 or 2 are all that's needed to make a potential fortune.

Most used methods are integrated, reduced and simplified (even a computer could do them entirely) to the point anyone in the proper frame of mind and applying Neo-Tech, as spelled out in Wallace's & Hamilton's original texts*, can succeed with them [* = see later * at paragraph end]. Initial capital, as it's thought of in traditional non Neo-Tech-based "investments", has now been rendered (with the prolonged use of Neo-Tech of course) basically irrelevant. [* = For those unfamiliar with the original philosophy, that means anyone willing to exert the effort required by Reality to succeed in anything such as this - honesty, rationality, work, and time - whether using better, more powerful, more integrated methods requiring less time to master than normal methods in the field or otherwise].

I do not only use a single method in each field - I use multiple methods at once to strengthen investments. This can't be done buying or using 1 method from any source - even IF it does work, which of course 99.999+% do not.

Fundamental Problem with Publicly Available Methods

Publicly available specific methods are by definition not based on the principles of Neo-Tech, do not arise out of genuine mysticism-free rational self-guidance, are not subject to market pressures, & are too influenced by other marketed / available methods / concepts. Specific methods / actual trade secrets that work are used, not risked with total ruin.

99.99(+)% of all marketed books / methods / "services" [ha ha] are written & provided NOT to use (to make money) (a.k.a. to give away free to "consumers" who pay a totally insignificant sum just because it's all they can afford or can be asked of them). They are instead, by conscious intention and/or lazy default, written to over-market and thus ruin even if they did work - which I know from prolonged personal experience 99.99 % or so of them do not. Hence, no matter how the "seller" is portrayed or how they twist things in the sales literature, at least after marketing, by the time the public can see them, they JUST DON'T WORK. Or they wouldn't be on the market. And if they weren't on the market, they WOULDN'T have been WRITTEN to be on the market instead of privately used.

And those are the ones that look good in the sales literature! Most times, the more professional the sales literature looks, the longer it is, the more complete and the more good-sounding "expert" recommendations (usually "marketed experts" remember), or non-expert, unqualified "testimonials" - the worse the method performs! But some have caught on in more recent years and now we see mailboxes flooded with pitches for incredibly poor-performing methods sold with short, "no nonsense" looking sales literature - reverse psychology.

To understand more why marketed & other methods frequently do very well over past data, then completely fail on present & future data, see both pg 50 (below report) and "Unmentioned and Purposely Confused Context of Business Explained". This is why it's easy to find so many wild claims in the sales literature and testing of methods / advice for sale.

Position One

Futures & futures options DAY-TRADING* and longer term trading methods - independently documented average net annual returns over sizable statistical samples even with 5-60 minutes/day mechanical decision making - BEFORE reinvesting / compounding or separate money-management: 75% - 275+% - and that's just the beginning. (Up to 500% average minimum net/yr.)** An irrefutable fact. Great effort has gone into assuring these are the absolute best working, best tested systems currently available in the single most profitable, least complicated (finally!) investment or business in existence. Try to find this elsewhere amongst the context droppers! (A joke.) Maximum freedom to run your own futures / options business the way you want. The opposite of art or subjective skill nonsense. Long-term REAL TIME results, not just hypothetical back-testing or short-term results. Automatic systems AND complete methodologies with which to develop the best trading judgment, integrated knowledge, and profits in existence. Massive, unsurpassed, objective test results and documentation by totally independent tester. Returns averaged over up to thousands of consecutive prior trades.

* Day-trading is being over and done with a trade the same day initiated (for less risk).

** See below report, then contract for details regarding any / all test results / info mentioned here. Suggested reading: (library) "Market Wizards, Interviews with Top Traders" by Jack D. Schwager, New York Institute of Finance, 1989, especially pgs 321-342.

At (a mere) 100% net/yr, money doubles each year. And much more is possible - consistently. With just the beginning methods up to 10-15 times that is possible over the course of just one year. And then, if we're talking about my primary field below, we're certainly not talking about waiting a year to do it either.

From personal experience, it must now be pointed out, investors/traders who make the most money:

  1. avoid telling people how much they make or quote their results in yearly or long term monetary sums - their results certainly aren't a matter of advertised (newsletter included!) record (getting more independent people - literal competitors - using their own methods would be suicidal to their own profits); nor are their methods (the ones THEY use anyway) for sale (/ "lease" / "license") to anyone at any price,

  2. avoid selling or revealing their methods to anyone except to use them (to full potential) through other people,

  3. avoid interviews, are secretive and keep to themselves - avoid publicity because publicity = marketing, and using something no-one else has = trading. (You'll see this is exactly what I'm doing if you get & read the literature for these positions.)

Position Two

My separate original investment methods - one of which turned $2000.00 into $276,003.20 in under 4 months in real life-like testing. Requires more commitment, more responsibility, more work (more honesty in other words), but does what is impossible to consistently do in futures, options, stocks, real estate or any other investment (or business). (Futures / options are the next best, most profitable investment / business in existence and inherently simpler however.)

A position in a real-live business operated from your own home or office where it is replicated to you and you manage your own funds. I am still seeking a few of the right people to be fund managers in this different but similar field which must remain nameless for now.

Long-term results just as in position and field # 1. Some even over 10,000+ trades (statistical significance). Unlike other methods, the purpose of the above mentioned '4 month' one is to be able to do that any 4 months (or less) one chooses. Given the parameters (%win, %net, etc.), this is just a tiny example of what happens when correct & conservative money-management principles are applied.

And unlike other people, I may quote these examples to give you an idea of what it can do, but I concern myself only with long-term parameters - the kind that maintain themselves over 10,000's of consecutive trades. As above in field one - permanent parameters. In both fields, I avoid all involvement with curve-fitting or undefined anything.

Would You Trade If I Gave You US$100,000 (or More) & My Private Unsold
Exclusive (Very) Original (Very) Mechanical Method
That Only Requires a $2000 Total Account Size?
(A $2K account size at ANY time??)

And has a high win %? And an insignificant drawdown (most money lost in a row)? One which I never will sell (/ lease / license / "manage for" anyone but myself, etc.) - but one which you can profit from more so than those "methods" / "services" that are sold in any form? (Much more.) One where you can get up to 50% of the profits?

Of course you would! Indeed, for something of this rarity, you would have to admit that you would be a fool to do anything but trade. Remember, a) I'm fixing it so your capital is virtually no consideration, b) there is "no risk" to capital like there is in traditional futures / traditional stocks / traditional options / and most of all traditional investments period, & c) I'm giving you (if I determine I can trust you with it) access to my trade secrets - not sold methods (Ha), not managed-for-you silliness (Ha Ha), & not so-called "services" (Ha Ha Ha) so you, the "consumer", (& not the provider / supposed owner / producer of them) can "make money".

That (giving you all this) is the equivalent of what I'm doing (to 20 or so of the right people). I have to say "equivalent" because it hasn't been done before & I have to give you a frame of reference. (It is not in futures / stocks / mutual funds* or any traditional investment but rather an investment / trading field that's much less understood by the public. Real professionals who understand it's potential [far more than traditional investments], or have spent the time I have to develop such methods, keep quiet about it. They do not explain it to anyone because encouraging competition is detrimental to their own profits, unthinkable & immoral to themselves and the [non-mystical] time they've spent on both it & in the field). Anyone can, but only a few will, and no more than 20-50 people worldwide will ever have access to this.

*nor real estate / casinos / cards / gambling

Is It Possible To Take $2,000 (or less) (or $20,000) (or more)
"Trading Capital" and Multiply It 50 (or 100) Times (or more) Over the Course of
6 (or 4) Months??

How About Consistently & Predictably??

How About In Extreme Safety Once You Know What You're Doing??

IF you, like probably everyone you know, said "NO", you will have to admit on reading this (essentially free) report I have available* that it unequivocally, mathematically proves you once & for all DEAD WRONG. Indeed, after reading what I have available, you will wonder how so many people can go through life "believing" the above to be impossible simply because no one "out there" is telling them how or selling it to them or including detailed directions on how to do it in a university course or on a radio talk show. Indeed, there is no reason for someone who knows how to tell anyone else, is there! To tell "competitors"? You must be kidding! To tell prospective Fund Managers (which those reading this can be) so they can "manage the methods" for him & split the profits - (tell) in a report even whose 1st-step preliminary "public" description has only been sent to / read by 1200 people ever?? ONE that costs him more to send you than he charges for it?? ... Well, if you said that, then you're getting somewhere.

Obviously, it isn't possible consistently in Futures, Stocks, even Options, let alone Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Franchises of any kind, or any foolish Marketing Ploy / MLM-like thing, the web / Internet-anything, let alone roulette / casinos / cards or gambling / collectibles or other trinkets. But I have already proven it is possible in a similar but less widely understood field of investment. One that I think of & call "trading" but which most people, fortunately for me / not so for them, do not. (And I'm abruptly pulling this report / any & all unnecessary-to-me explanation as soon as my benefits from compounding myself via replication begin to cease. Just as J. Paul Getty, I would much rather have my 20%-90% x 20-50 than my 100% x 1.)

*The specific report described in the preceding 2 paragraphs is waiting to be sent to a select number of qualifying applicants who have made it through the first introductory report and then one or more applications.

Now For Reality:

No investment replication is available directly from below report, and it is impossible to make an informed decision on either without first seeing the full details.

I am only replicating business procedures to those who want to help me use (not sell!) investment methods. Despite the varied foolishness arriving in both our mailboxes, I am not a fool; I am not taking you for a fool (or a complete idiot), so please don't ask me to sell my business (it's far too good for that!). Either you want to really make real money, or you just want to be sold essentially worthless overpriced systems, "ideas", "mail-order methods", phone / fax advice, newsletters, "club memberships", etc. that just don't work nearly as well (OR practically at all). (Due to obvious limited nature - all available positions will be filled forever shortly.)

You cannot get this from newsletters, essentially unproven / untested writers, book / report sellers (!), "clubs" (ha ha), or competitors [not mine - yours if you invest & use their method!] among many others at any price. ARE YOU CRAZY? I would like to think not, but many act as if they are! These are trade secrets (literally). You have to earn them (build them yourself), or you can help me continue to use and develop them while continuing to make both of us substantial money in their present form. This certainly isn't a "consultation" or "seminar" or "club" let alone one of those "home study courses". This is a business.

The Two Single Most Profitable, Least Naturally Complicated
Businesses, Fields, Investments, & Trading Systems
In Existence / Recorded History / Known To Man

(Not available - & no profits possible - unless you want to manage them for me and split the profits.) (Which naturally means: you want to sign a 20-50 large-page, detailed, idiot-proof contract & two applications, you don't want anyone else to get them without doing the same, and you want 20-50 only honest, rational, & competent people accepted [regardless experience].)

(Which means: you now want to make real, existing money [read: act as producer / businessperson, not consumer, & earn it because you already know you're not going to get it otherwise].) (If I'm talking to the right person, read on:) (Which means, naturally, they're so mechanical a computer can do them both perfectly, easily, & quickly - and has [& that people are needed to build on them].) (Which also means, experience [with marketed, traditional, or popular methods / concepts / "education"] is loaded with mysticism and can actually be detrimental [to those chosen]: attitude [rationality, integration] and work are everything. I already know what works. And what doesn't. )

Market Crashes, Recessions, Depressions, Economic Uncertainty, &
General Chaos: Your New Found Personal
Financial "Boom Times"

Laugh at Market Crashes & Economic Uncertainly Like I Do and Eagerly Anticipate Them Because They Are My (And Your New Found) Ally

(And As Well [Laugh At] Method "Downturns" And "Losing Streaks" / "Losing Years")

Historically, in the main type of investment method I use (I use it even in normal markets), there has never been a single market crash or recession that adversely affected profits (as profits can easily be affected in traditional "less-than-fully-integrated" "non neo-tech" investments). Even during the Great Depression, circa 1930. Historically, it is a well known fact that in recessions, depressions, & market collapses the potential for profit in the type of investing I replicate goes up - not down. More accurate is the word "shoot" up. Due to their integrated flexibility however, they are just as effective in normal market conditions (the "4 month" quoted results are in normal market conditions - but I would have preferred economic "uncertainty" during the time the results took place). It's just that the opportunities and hence potential money to be made historically are increased in "uncertain" / chaotic times allowing true once-in-decades / lifetimes seemingly never-ending opportunities "to go to the well" unlike those seen under normal conditions. The best part of "fully-integrated" income / investing is the risk is even less under any economic condition the masses perceive as "adverse".

Those accepted who fulfill their contracts [easy for those who understand the philosophy of fully-integrated honesty] will do what I do: laugh at market crashes & economic uncertainly and eagerly anticipate them because they are my (your new found) ally. As those who've paid attention to the introductory booklet from which they sent their pre-applications know, that gives me (you now) two things to have good long consistent laughs at over & over again. 1) Traditional investments / methods / marketed advice in such times of trouble. And 2), method "downturns" and "losing streaks" / "losing years" in traditional investments / methods period.

Whether in times of uncertainty or normalcy, such downturns / losing streaks simply do not exist in rational Neo-Tech methods like they do in traditional / marketed methods / investments. This uncertainty is to be taken advantage of in the pure Neo-Tech "tradition". These are natural opportunities to prosper even more than usual (even exponentially more than usual). This is because 1) everyone else is your competitor, even if they write a book / newsletter and would like you think otherwise. And 2) the vast majority of your competitors are not applying Neo-Tech and busy themselves in non Neo-Tech / less than optimal methods / fields. They then go bankrupt / lose money. That's when you have them where you want them because they then turn to mysticism, tradition & external-authorities for help. That is, you have them where you want them when they try to do what I'm describing here (think they even have a chance at 1/20th of it) without being in the proper frame of mind, without having done the 10+ years of original research and testing all on their own as required - and without being a FM or even understanding the concept thereof).

Fully-integrated honesty is independent of what any user / non-user / or partial user perceives or wants it to be. Neo-Tech is Neo-Tech. When used by people like myself who would never think of referring to "themselves" as it - as "fully-integrated honesty" or "new technology", Neo-Tech is not a publishing company, writing or an opinion (from anyone). It is what happens when people act completely honestly in the fully-integrated context and sense. Once they know what they're doing...

Those who fulfill their contracts [i.e. posses a valid grasp of "fully-integrated honesty"] are no longer subject to the adverse economic conditions of the masses: they are applying Neo-Tech in the purest form possible and are above all that. They profit from mysticism instead of being burdened by it. They take full advantage of these natural opportunities to prosper exponentially when others go bankrupt: they are immune to adverse outside conditions because they are now (genuinely) self-sufficient. (Everything here presumes the applicant acts based on honesty in the fully-integrated sense - regardless of whether he/she yet calls it Neo-Tech; this doesn't apply to less than "fully (integrated) honest" readers if there still are any.) And, needless to say, they do it, like me, in the purest form possible - __ [these fields, these specific ways]. IF they're accepted that is...(See details received as a result of successful pre-application).

...Alexander Moss

Who Should Read Further

For the FM positions / Income/Money only send money / request details IF (does not affect medical reports):

  1. you know what "Fully-Integrated Honesty" is and you know how to use it, OR

  2. you've read everything on this page and the Disclaimer, Fully-Integrated Honesty: Context & Defintion, and Surprise pages in their entirety and you can and will (quickly) learn what Fully-Integrated Honesty is and you can and will learn how to use it (quickly).

Click here to view the agreement, preliminary application and request details about these methods / positions / trade secrets

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