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"Fully-Integrated" Medicine

"Fully-Integrated" Life

(Overview, Excerpts & Contents)

Objective, "Rational" Medicine - Uncompromised By Marketing, Sales, Income Sources, Publishing Co's & Publishing, Associations, External "Approval", Similar "Funding", & Other Major Sources of the Creation of Problems Where None Already Exist - Honest Medicine

"Fully-Integrated" Treatment For Aging & Disease - Here Now

Exercise Your New Found (Fully Integrated) Control & Power Over:

  • Cancer
  • AIDS
  • Heart Disease
  • (without shark anything, drugs, and little if anything to do with supplements)
    • Skin & Wrinkles

  • HIV

  • Stroke

    • Diabetes
  • Allergies
  • Aging & Lifespan
  • 9(+) yr old heart-felt celebrity proclamation

    NOT. Wasn't Then. Certainly Isn't Now.

    Rule # 1: The Doctor Is Not God. You are with what you now possess (if anyone is) (unless he's very, very good) (and although it is rumored they exist, one of those has not yet been encountered).

    Save Your Life (/future life) NOW - Exist For Biological Immortality Later:

    Train Your M.D. or Dump Him For One Who's Adequate

    Rule # 2: Where the mentally challenged media contradicts / ignores what you now know, possess, & practice, they're wrong & you're right. You are now better than they are. No longer are you subject to the adverse outside influences that drain the masses. With what you now possess, you are now above all that**.

    **All this presumes the person acts based on FIH / Neo-Tech. None of this applies, and there is no increased lifespan or control over any disease for those who don't.

    Rule # 3: You can use expensive, time-consuming pills, foods, herbs, & inefficient diets, all with their own side effects, almost all contaminated promoting various diseases, possibly even the one they are to work against, OR, you can use electro-medicine, minute electrical charges, magnetic fields, energy balancing* & (need I say) Neo-Tech, all comparatively without toxicity or side-effects, almost free, virtually automatic, and usable by & on yourself. Only one of them - chemical substances or electromedicine - is what can objectively or rationally be called "effective". Or has been for the last 70-some years. "Effective" WHEN compared to the other.
    (OR, you can choose the operating table**, hormone injections, chemotherapy, radiation, overtly toxic drugs, psychological mumbo-jumbo, cryonics, leeches, organ "removals", amputations, other "academic" / "approved" treatments, & general "death wishes".)

    If you choose pills / chemicals, be aware: most people don't know how to take pills. To take a supplement, you never just take it. First you do something to it (I'm not talking about mere testing, nor going to any "practitioner" to do anything with it). It can't be revealed in the basic report, but you can find it in the Master Protocol. Without this step, merely taking a drug or supplement can be and frequently is dangerous. When you add a lot of these "unmodified" pills together, that becomes very dangerous. And I'm not talking about contamination either.

    * not acupuncture, not subjective

    ** Implementation aside, presuming the surgeon is not drunk, high, etc. and the surgical team & hospital involved do act competently, a small % of surgeries involving cancer are rational - e.g. those whose cancers have already been allowed to grow badly & now threaten nearby organs. Even for those "given only weeks to live", malignancy can be gone in 1-3 days, not necessarily will be gone in any individual case, and substantial tumor shrinkage can, with the same caveat, begin to occur in days to a few weeks - enough to make surgery irrelevant depending on the damage already done / in effect to surrounding organs. (Malignancy means the condition of the tumor to spread often like wildfire: the tumor itself obviously takes longer to disappear.) Whether you have cancer or not, if you are not aware of this, you are in desperate need - now - before the problem arises / gets any worse - of genuine, fully-integrated honest medicine based on rational self-guidance. (In other words, of properly directing your M.D./ health practitioner - after properly choosing one or more - not by following him - not by setting him up as the external authority most do to "provide" instant "authentic" pre-packaged "effortless" "guidance" - but by following his properly directed advice and using him as the consultant he is supposed to be.

    Neither Neo-Tech nor rational self-guidance mean self-diagnosis, self-treatment, or lack of needed medical tests. They mean: a) you can & should know when you're being rail-roaded into a death / diminished health sentence, b) you can treat & even test yourself (technically known as "conducting your own research" on yourself, by yourself, which no-one can stop you from doing) & prevent a condition you think you have / will have, or cause its complete disappearance, again with the caveat "not necessarily will in any individual case" (while you wait for your doctors appointment(s) of course), & c) you can thus save large amounts of money & time on totally unnecessary, racked-up, mis-directed, problem-causing / perpetuating doctor & hospital bills that make everyone but you rich. Traditional doctors are not there to save your life - they're there to do a job, get paid, & then say "look, everyone else I know is doing the same thing" / fit in with the crowd / do what's socially, academically & politically "acceptable", and then go on to the next patient - whether that leaves you to live or die. You are there to save your own life. And now you can - with properly applied "fully-integrated honesty".)

    Restated Rule: You can allow the length of your life to be determined by the approval-seekers, popular-opinion-panderers, book sellers / writers, pill-pushers, professional hoaxes, context-droppers, salesman, "mass-marketers", & the "follow-the-leader-&-do-whatever-they-can-get- away-with" social / pseudo-intellectual types (you know who they are) who choose to ignore progress in general for their own benefit. OR, you can have "some say" in the matter and dictate the length and quality of your own life.

    The length and quality of your life is on the line.

    And you don't have to be rich to intervene.

    Important quote from online lifespan report (section on popular medical misdirections under "Erroneous & Well-Rationalized Use Of Statistics"):

    "It does not matter how stupid the misdirection is. ANY misdirection / creation of medical problems where none exist can be used to make money because it creates disease, and diseases (really symptoms) "need" immediate treatment. What happens after symptoms appear is akin to a panic attack on the part of the sufferer - especially if he runs to his conventional M.D. / hospital and then follows their advice. Although action needs taken immediately, then is not the time to "figure out what to do" let alone follow advice blindly. The time for developing "battle plans" that focus on far more than mere prevention is long before the disease sets in. In such a situation, there is typically not time to question, fathom, or even identify all the misdirections taking place, and the speed of the process is the reason the misdirections can continue and so many can easily (profitably) be trapped. The result to the individual patient is always debilitation and death, and all of it is unnecessary."

    The Kind of Integrated Knowledge Books & Newsletters Don't Print,
    and Doctors Would Prefer You Didn't Know

    I have looked & looked - I have searched & searched the Internet, I've seen respected web site after respected web site, and I have found it explained properly & completely no where. So here it is.

    Included online below is part I of an extensively updated in-depth report sold for years that describes how to apply the only way in any published world literature repeatedly, scientifically verified to dramatically (or otherwise) extend lifespan. Without this explanation, it is essentially unusable, unworkable and possibly even dangerous to 95-99+% of the populace. And there is little if any way to stay on it for that 95-99+% without use of what's identified here. Far more than diet alone. It scientifically and absolutely slows aging by extending lifespan in animals 50%-85%+ and will almost certainly add 10-50+ years to your life with dramatically increased health - but not if you follow popular medical advice - only if you do it properly. NO supplements, drugs, cryonics, or wishful thinking. Measurable physiological changes. According to probably the most respected and acknowledged scientist in the field, it is largely an extension of youth and middle-age, and the sooner you start, the more time you will have. Very inexpensive and now very easy to understand and apply, I strongly suggest you take this seriously - VERY SOON before what it prevents happens to you. I use it and find it the most powerful aid to productivity in existence. It is possibly the most important thing you can possibly do right now. If like 99+% of the populous, rationalization and ignoring of this now concisely, completely explained information equals extremely probable intentional suicide not just to yourself but to your loved ones, your pets, your friends, your relatives, your business, your employees, your wealth and your power. Now there can be no excuse! See report summary at end.

    Also below, find details on a report that gives the purposely untold full and accurate story of a heart patient's case unusually advertised recently in a well known business publication. A full-page was devoted free by the publisher to solicit transplant donations. Money wasn't the problem however: if he had utilized the therapies available to him in time he may have completely avoided this life-threatening condition. The only therapies in existence documented to reverse his failing heart were ignored by his highly respected M.D.'s. This is widespread. It did not surprise me at all. Without this potential life-saving politically / academically suppressed information I've seen made so understandable no where else, you may die needlessly - more effective (AND safer) than any of the readily prescribed drugs on the market. Same for AIDS. See report summary at end following lifespan - not "life-extension" - but actual lifespan-affecting & aging-process-slowing report now online:


    Explained properly & completely NOWHERE ELSE

    Aging Slowed & Up To

    50-100+ Years Added To Your Life - Now - With Present Technology

    (and vastly improved health too!)
    ...over your present lifespan even if you already follow all information in "the traditional" Neo-Tech literature:

    NO fads, NOT supplements, NOT drugs, NO cryonics, NO MYSTICISM, NO "visions", NO "fairy tales"!

    which includes NO waiting for new advances to be applied to rats first, then to humans,
    then to be "approved" & no longer stifled - how ever many
    decades that may take

    Far More than Diet

    My original method I use to slow aging.

    With quotes from The Heart Disease Remissions Report

    I. Context & Background

    Here then is the situation reduced to its bare essence - the same you should conclude on doing your own very basic (Neo-Tech) (lay) research. This is a known fact, unequivocally proven in animals, but must be referred to as "experimental", as virtually anything worthwhile is - and as it will remain for quite some time - in humans (refer to #3 later in report for more on this & very important "extras"). Wait to apply it and delay / forfeit any benefits you can now have at your own (future) peril. (To make any future benefits possible requires it be implemented now).

    Through contacts with various Neo-Tech practitioners as well as a quick read through the standard mass-marketed Neo-Tech literature, I've become aware of this literally - directly - life-shortening mysticism present in a surprising number of Neo-Tech practitioners. Their error is in following (mass-marketed) "Neo-Tech" instead of practicing what its words actually mean. Some go so far to think exercise can actually increase lifespan! Others are convinced avoidance of all alcohol, sugar or caffeine (or otherwise increasing general health) will extend lifespan! Or that it can be found - usable - in any one book / newsletter etc. on the market. Perhaps some even believe just hard thinking will increase their lifespan. Each of those errors are silly and just as dangerous a misdirection as thinking the Atkins diet, any diet book alone, any supplement or repeatedly verified drug will do it. ANSWER IS NONE OF THE ABOVE.

    It may be partially explained elsewhere, but its implementation is incompletely explained in any one "anti-aging" or diet book or newsletter on the market and as such "their methods" will not work for 99+% of the population.

    There is ONLY ONE (repeatedly, undeniably, immediately applicable to humans) documented way to (dramatically or otherwise) slow the aging process. It extends animal lifespans 50-85% by mainly stretching youth and middle age (however making it usable - almost at all - in humans has until now been where the problem is). There is also short-term human evidence. Confused and ignored by media and establishment again showing how much they really care, it is perhaps the single most important development in medical or scientific history - at least as far as you're concerned.

    THERE IS NO CHOICE: if you want to actually slow aging NOW, that is, be around later to benefit from future technology, you MUST start here. After 55 years of practically useless animal research, this was finally applied to humans and the layman OVER A DECADE & A HALF AGO. What a shame so many lives might have been saved or dramatically extended using this technique in the past. What a shame - based on all scientific knowledge concerning it to date - so many lives depend on its implementation now while the rationalizations, confusion, and ignorance continue and it is essentially erroneously treated as disproven!

    View Lifespan Report detailed Excerpts & Contents Now Online

    [For the remainder of this report see report summary at end.]

    [NOTE: For a more in-depth discussion of antioxidants, drugs, and their effects on "life-extension" - a wholly separate subject to aging process intervention / lifespan as explained in above report, see below:]

    HEART & VASCULAR DISEASE REMISSIONS - 75% of all people die from
    what this report can prevent, treat, even reverse

    In the early 90's, before the media popularized vitamins & pill-popping, a well-known, respected major publisher (I shouldn't name) devoted a large part of his publication, free, to an unusual personal letter asking for donations so a heart patient could get a transplant. If you read the same type of material I do you would have seen this letter ad, and if you think as I do, red lights and loud sirens would have instantly popped on as it seemed very out of place and perhaps even dead wrong (though not primarily the fault of the widely respected publisher or his excellent publication). I cannot name the publisher (or patient, or doctors specifically), but you've probably already seen the publication numerous times yourself - if not also the actual ad.

    The patient was told by his highly qualified M.D.'s, at least one with line after line of credentials following their name, there was nothing else that could be done. My research showed conclusively otherwise. What the M.D.'s meant (but stopped short of saying) was no bureaucrat / trade union sponsored or "approved" treatment existed for US citizens (or virtually everyone else). Two very different stories when someone's life is on the line!

    As perhaps some of you reading the Neo-Tech literature would have done in a similar situation, I immediately spotted their flawed logic and referenced studies they were ignoring. I wrote a 75 page (38 full 8.5" x 11" or A4) letter specifically explaining in terms anyone could understand what could be done (with lay and scientific references) that had shown great success in the past. Because these therapies where ignored early on and he was in such an advanced stage, the ignored therapies might not have ended his need for a transplant but if started early enough would have dramatically helped in all probability. At that time, the patient was dying of mysticism. Literally. Directly. There were only 1 or 2 substances known to man that had ever been shown repeatedly successful in good scientific study. Even though it may have cost the patient's life, his respected, highly accredited M.D.'s freely chose to ignore the safe substances purely for political reasons. My letter documented many substances shown to treat, prevent, even reverse advanced heart disease (the most common cause of death) - also high blood pressure, high cholesterol and related problems - even one that was dramatically effective in delaying AIDS (safer than any traditional drug and widely ignored). RATIONAL therapies, NOT traditional or vitamin / supplement-biased.

    This patient's case was also detailed. He was in his 40's and dying of Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Attacks, High Blood Pressure, and Cardiomyopathy - a mess. HAD HE CORRECTLY BEEN INFORMED of this information in time, the outcome might have been very different. The only chances for his life other than a risky transplant were ignored as if nothing was wrong in doing so and they didn't exist. This was widespread at the time. 10 years later it continues to be widespread. In addition 75% of all people DIE of what this report can prevent, treat, even reverse (this is not Pearson and Shaw all over again!). (Nor am I talking about diet here, rather the only ways known to reverse his life-ending condition!)

    Revised & updated numerous times since then, these 75 pages contained the most powerful documented therapies for heart disease (and others) in existence yet ignored for purely mystical reasons. Stronger than any traditional heart drugs on the market. Even though I don't mass-market this letter, you can obtain a copy to ensure the same doesn't happen to you or a loved one, even a pet. The purpose of this letter was to find, review, integrate and summarize all knowledge immediately available and understandable to the average person in order to survive and prevent the single greatest health epidemic in recorded history: heart disease.

    This makes minced meat of any traditional recommendations and may expose your own doctor as dangerously uninformed and therefore incompetent. My letter gives you control over your own life. Like my separate lifespan report, I've never seen all this important information integrated and explained so concisely in such a usable format. Indeed, blindly following some of best, most thorough health books on the market could be a deadly mistake - even those claiming to reverse heart & other diseases. They are all specialized. This integrates them and can save your life.

    Topics include Pearson and Shaw, real value of "anti-oxidants", what's not being said about supplements - why 99.99% of them could cause the disease they're taken to prevent, how to get any drug without a prescription and at 50%-70% less cost, a reference encyclopedia Atkins himself relies on that you can easily understand and use, how to reduce your chances of dying from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, possibly AIDS and osteoporosis and others by 50%+ all with one simple therapy, valid supplements versus invalid (the difference between life and death), best supplement suppliers, books and periodicals you should read, in depth explanation of dangers of FDA and doctors who follow it, etc., etc., etc. See report summary at end); This is the fully-integrated honest perspective of an important field drowning in mysticism from fads, supplement pushers, scientific jokes, government destructions and non-sequiturs everywhere to the point even the "traditional" mass-marketed Neo-Tech literature ignore its actual hidden value.



    Very High Percentage - As of Years & Years & More Years Ago - CANCER, As of Decades Ago

    New as-of-yet "unapproved" drugs to starve-off cancer cells ARE A TRAGIC JOKE (media, etc. dis-information)! The attention / fund / unearned-job-seeking media proclamation "Cancer could be cured in 2 years with these new drugs" IS A HORRIBLE JOKE! Drugs are (a big) part of the problem - not the solution, AND far better treatments have existed for many years, even decades. Unfortunately, "you're not allowed to hear about them"! Even more dramatic evidence exists suggesting similarly successful treatment for AIDS, cancer & all infectious disease than those for heart disease. And ignored even more. (What's also ignored is that pathogens / infectious diseases are now heavily & fundamentally implicated in the cause of virtually all disorders - and not just by Clark.) This may just save your life which no conventional therapy could hope to do. This report contains valuable information EVERYBODY should know - irrespective of HIV+ or not, irrespective of "high risk" group or not. FINALLY THE REAL FACTS ON AIDS - this time in the real context.

    Because of the role of infectious agents in disease period (pathogens don't cause disease alone, but their "overgrowth" is heavily involved in it) these reports' disclosures are effective against all to almost all disease period. Merely killing pathogens is fool-hearty however (there's a reason they were there to begin with). These reports focus on much more than killing pathogens, and Clark's work is actually only a very small part of it.

    Medical Reports
    Continually Updated as New Developments Occur

    All prices are in U.S. funds.

    30 day satisfaction guarantee on all medical reports

    **Promises or guarantees, implied or otherwise, of cures, or even of relieved symptoms in the reader / user (let alone of income) are categorically not being made although remissions and total symptom relief have been proven in the past in other people. These are (research) "methods" whether self researched (including administered) or not. Methods are methods: they are not guarantees and are only designed to give the maximum possible chance of a future event occurring in the opinion of the designer. This is not medical advice: for that, at least one (preferably unbiased) qualified medical practitioner should be consulted. See # 3 in Lifespan Report to understand this more & why this is called research - especially under subtitles "Use of These Reports", & "Basis of Reading / Treatment".

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