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    - when propaganda calls itself science, integration, objectivity, and honesty
and other popular works and authors: what you need to know before spending the time or money on them I have - or before taking them seriously, again as I have: an objective examination, test, "repair" and integration.

They each have errors which must be removed. These traps block the meaningful success of their readers and their own stated goal. This is an independent re-integration, & practical application based on removing their limitations. Some have called me a "Neo-Technician". I say this is success via Objective Honesty and Total Integration. In trading, this requires one's own methods (as replicated here).

Some of these mass-marketers may not like what has to be said here. That can't be allowed to stop their material from being "fixed" as it needs to be (for their own readers meaningful results). In fact, this needs done for the fulfillment of their own stated purpose. They're reluctant to do it themselves however, and those like Neo-Tech Publishing have demonstrated they don't even want you to know of these problems that block disease "cures", biological immortality & financial success [their claimed goals] of their own readers.

I was the biggest independent proponent of Neo-Tech Publishing on the web ("discussions" and their affiliated workers can't count). Since 1999 this web site has independently, objectively promoted Neo-Tech Publishing and their works with no compensation expected, desired, or received. For reasons of self-respect and integrity explained later that is about to change. When updates to these web pages are complete, "neo-tech" will solely mean the dictionary definition if it's used at all: from Collins English, "the world's best selling pocket dictionary", 1981 ed.:

ne'o- (comb. form) new, later, revived in modified form, based upon

tech. technical; technology.

Those who doubt the legally generic nature of this abbreviation can look it up in the 1981 ed. (and other 1980's books) themselves. When you get your copy of The Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia off ebay as below, you'll see I'm similarly right about how I&O Publishing defined it in the 1980's. "Soon Neo-Tech will be a household word" readers were told by I&O / Neo-Tech Publishing. I've heard no accounts of them saying "soon it will be a household name" - rather a "word" as defined on the front cover of the 1980's books they were trying to get everyone possible to use in its other definition of "fully-integrated honesty".

An honest look at each of these mass-marketed sources should be neither fundamentally critical nor uncritical: the focus should be to determine what can and can't be achieved with each and how. The only valid reason for examining or testing any of these is to achieve results not possible otherwise. It is not as commonly used to rationalize underachievement.

Learn how to really use them to achieve:

Fully integrated success (real kind) in medicine, health, trading & business opportunities, and other areas via:

- taking what works, what's right, what can be proven and properly evidenced and discarding what doesn't and what's wrong in popular works. This is what applying the works of Neo-Tech Publishing and other sources mean: first their unnecessary problems are removed. Each of these sources below are tools and starting points, not pre-packaged systems. They cannot be followed or taken literally (used as drugs) to achieve "fully-integrated" results.

"Fully-Integrated Honest" Medicine for instance cannot be found in one or more books or journals or medical schools and is not a company. It is what happens when Objective, "the" point, in-context honesty, not subjective say what is immediately deemed profitable honesty, and total integration is applied over and above these mass-marketed sources. You have to do it yourself (or use this site and access these trade secrets to be much further along much sooner than you would otherwise).

This approach yields results far beyond that possible with each of these sources alone.

This site and its trade secret replication opportunities identify and fix the fundamental problems inherent in popular works, topics, and authors such as:

- Ayn Rand,

- objectivism / skepticism writers,

- Neo-Tech Publishing (who removed their work from www.neo-tech.com to prevent readers from immediately being able to see a) these errors and contradictions and b) the difference between my own and their writing and methods and material. This was amidst seemingly hundreds of false, erroneous, misleading, out of context, hypocritical, & unrepresentative statements on and centered around www.neo-tech.com - at the same time complaints were being received about them. I have never been able to agree with them on many things. Many of their definitions are inadequate - especially that of honesty),

- water cures,

- Hulda Clark,

- Bob Beck,

- Royal Rife,

- Einstein,

- Pasteur,

- Journal & Organized Medicine,

- cancer treatments

- aspirin

- heart disease treatments

- Tamoxifen

- clinical trials

- trading systems

- business opportunities

- Atkins' diet

- many more

This site describes trade secrets being replicated some of the above sources (Neo-Tech Publishing) would prefer you never knew and never understood. The fact remains, if mass-marketed methods worked, almost "everyone" would be successful and disease-free. They're not, and the only rational answer is, the mass-marketed materials are inadequate.

As explained later, discounting myself, I have not found a single independent person who I can honesty say has meaningfully succeeded as a direct result of Neo-Tech publishing's material (those involved with Neo-Tech Publishing or myself cannot count). I have found many recently however who have been confused by it and had their meaningful success blocked which I'm getting to. In addition, it was not hard to find a group of people who never heard of Neo-Tech publishing yet succeeded meaningfully. In fact, by the numbers, those who succeeded meaningfully, were independent of Neo-Tech Publishing (and myself).

This of course means "as is" - without taking what works, fixing and discarding the rest of Neo-Tech publishing works. I'm still offering a reward for being shown a single such person who has succeeded meaningfully financially, or medically following their works. I initially set out to prove it works as is, but couldn't. If anything I was biased for Neo-Tech Publishing's works. (Following the Atkins' Diet, exercising, etc. doesn't count as meaningful success - anyone can do that. It has to be the kind of success spoken about in the Neo-Tech Publishing sales literature. Everyone thinks they can succeed meaningfully by following the concepts of what Neo-Tech Publishing calls "fully-integrated honesty" - but then it doesn't happen. I'd like to think someone other than myself has done it, but I haven't heard of them yet.)

Those who have success after being awarded my trade secret replication positions in trading, business opportunities & "disease remission" research must be excluded. I need to find people to whom I've never replicated and who do not work for or with Neo-Tech Publishing - people who succeed meaningfully.

We can't give credit to instructions when it's really the person who would have succeeded without the instructions. To credit the instructions we have to at least find people who meaningfully succeed much better or much sooner with the instructions. We don't want to invest large portions of our lives in things that function as big aspirins (discussed later) or big Tamoxifen's, or big sugar pills. We don't want to externalize and say it's the instructions when it's really our focus on success and recognition that we get there by being honest where the majority are less than honest.

Theoretically this should not be hard with the hundreds of thousands of people who've read their publications. Theoretically, Neo-Tech Publishing's earlier material sounds like it should work.

I thought it would be easy to come up with evidence it works. Sounding like it should work isn't good enough. It has to be shown to work in practice. The material's value has to be separated from the person. It also has to be separated from just putting the idea of success and of fully-integrated honesty in someone's head and letting them do the rest without any Neo-Tech Publishing material. Major flaws and how Neo-Tech Publishing's work actually has the net affect of blocking financial and medical success is now obvious to me.

Imagine if someone like Tony Robbins claimed his self-development motivational methods worked - then wasn't able to provide even one good independent case history of the success of his material. If we can't find that with Neo-Tech Publishing material (which does not involve trade secrets)...

Claims in Neo-Tech Publishing sales literature and web pages have been notorious for extreme exaggeration and spin doctoring. It may have been there, but I didn't notice this exaggeration or spinning for what it was when I first learned of them. I rationalized it away with their explanation that they "had" to market this way to ... well, that's a complicated story and now I admit very unbelievable given their recent actions. (Their excuse basically was that they "had" to spread their material to those who needed it the most to "save the world".) One person who took advantage of my trade secret replication opportunities said to me "you are their greatest testimonial". Despite one recent over-promotion from Neo-Tech Publishing after another, I constantly defended them due to what I thought was the value in their 1980's material.

I'm not the only one. Take the time to search google for "Luke Setzer"'s page titled "Neo-Tech Owners: Attention". He tells a similar story. His former pro-Neo-Tech Publishing work with it's impressive sounding title was once linked to from Neo-Tech Publishing's www.neo-tech.com. They're not linking to him anymore with what he has to say about them. (His previous pro-Neo-Tech Publishing page linked was "NEO-TECH: The Grand Integration of Effectiveness Models". He of course was not referencing a company by using the generic word "Neo-Tech" to mean "fully-integrated honesty" [FIH] as Wallace the founder of the philosophy himself defined it.)

He has another page. It has comments like "[Warning: Neo-Tech material is FUNDAMENTALLY, METAPHYSICALLY INCOMPATIBLE with Objectivism! It starts with some Objectivist-like premises, then injects the following arbitrary metaphysical assertions into its discussions: (1) Civilization of the Universe, (2) Extraterrestrial Zons, (3) Thinkons, (4) Universal Computer. Arbitrary assertions have NO PLACE in Objectivism! The authors have expropriated Objectivism and twisted it into something metaphysically opposed to Objectivism. Do yourself a favor and read some of Ayn Rand's books instead.]" and "[Here is where the nasty arbitrary assertions take hold and ruin everything!]". Neo-Tech Publishing then spends inordinate amounts of time attacking objectivism and so-called Ayn Rand followers and gets itself and the word Neo-Tech kicked out of an objectivist forum. Its real problems are run far deeper than this paragraph or Setzer lets on.

I know another person who Neo-Tech Publishing painted as a hero and used his writing because it once reflected well on them. He reports similar eventual attitude change was forced on him. I could continue on this topic and name even other things they don't want you to know. I'm not, and I'm phasing out use of the word and all references to them. These other things are there for you to find however if you really want to find them.

For those of us who defended them and took them seriously, these changes of attitude are hard and take years of witnessing manipulation and abuse before what "an outsider" would consider the obvious can be admitted. Admitting the naive state in which you spent years of your life is harder than most think. Yes, Neo-tech Publishing's work has some value on its own (the reason for talking about it and fixing it). But...

Either "fully-integrated honesty" is Neo-Tech as I&O / Neo-Tech Publishing claim, OR, exactly what's written in Neo-Tech Publishing's publications and exactly what's written only by itself (the company) is "Neo-Tech". If the latter is the case, then its effectiveness suffers greatly. The philosophy or tools are not the people or company. In order to have any intelligible discussion on it, we must first separate the works, tools, and philosophy from the people and company that sell it.

This is clearly what Neo-Tech Publishing is now trying to prevent. Real "fully-integrated honesty" cannot be put into a book. They give you the "idea" and you apply it. Real "fully-integrated honesty" can only be earned, and I'm not selling a book or method that claims to have it all pre-packaged. I don't need to: I have multiple methods. That's what the replication process is for and the trade secrets do more than help as those properly reading this site will see (earned competence being one of the ingredients).

As I said, I was the biggest independent promoter of Neo-Tech Publishing on the web.... no one did what I did or do to promote the subject or credit Neo-Tech Publishing. All this time I gave full and way too much credit to Neo-Tech Publishing. I recommended too many books of theirs. This was a mistake: few people knew what it meant to use Neo Tech Publishing's material: it means to apply 'fully-integrated honesty' [FIH] which I&O Publishing defined as "Neo-Tech" in the 1980's. This is not in a book. You have to do it on your own. The "templates" are not enough. This is the real answer I&O / Neo-Tech Publishing markets - regardless if they spell it out all the time or choose to keep it "hidden" for you to "decode". Rational self-guidance is the key and what they called "the ultimate weapon".

They spell it out when it suits: when someone says a publication of theirs, tool or philosophy doesn't work, they claim to debunk the detractor by saying 'how can FIH not work'? [Thus their publications "have" to work because "Neo-Tech" according to them means FIH.]

When someone independent uses their material and credits it like I have, they claim it doesn't mean FIH - it means "us" (because they don't want you to know other people can apply it equally or better than they have).

They can't have it both ways. They "overlook" the fact they're mass-marketers: they're not supposed to apply their own material to the level described on this site - they're supposed to sell it so others can. At least that's along the lines of what they used to say.

I can only currently recommend the I&O Publishing, 1980's editions. If you do not see a title from that era that says from "I&O Publishing Co..", I currently cannot recommend it. Since Neo-Tech Publishing is unlikely to sell these and reader reports have included Neo-Tech Publishing blaming the US Postal Service for "not delivering" or "switching" books - books or refunds for 'missing' ones which are reported to materialize after (prolonged hassle and) waits of up to 6-12 months, even when sent US$1000, and promised credit card refunds, I am forced to say to get The Neo-Tech Discovery and The Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia used, off ebay, at least until Neo-Tech Publishing can solve its "delivery problems" (use courier and stop blaming the post office).

I could be wrong, however as I understand it, these ridiculous waits not to mention unbelievable excuses (reported equally by people both in and out of the USA) are violations of their own federal law. I would like to know how they are not violating their laws in doing so. I also have a growing list of people who bought Neo-Tech Publishing's recent material on my recommendation and now want to sell it. I will refund out of the FM or MP positions any amount of money you have paid them as a result of my previous recommendations: name the publication, convention, etc., amount of money you paid for it and I'll discount that amount. If you did not buy on my recommendation, I'll similarly discount up to $200 for whatever money you've paid them since 1 Dec 1997.

To disallow them the opportunity to start charging enormous sums when they see this just so I can refund it (to their own employees and themselves included) and after what's happened in rigged discussions, a couple of conditions are necessary. Thus, these discounts apply only on payments sent to them before 26 Dec 2003 and starting from 1 Dec 1997 and only for publications or their "equivalents" that "superceded" them (title changes, author changes, rehashes) titles for which appear or have appeared as recommendations on this site. If it hasn't been recommended on this site and was paid them between those dates, I'll still discount but up to maximum US$200.

Intelligent experienced readers who know what they're looking at and cannot be fooled have been writing me over the recent turn Neo-Tech Publishing has taken saying they "disavow Neo-Tech" and want nothing to do with Neo-Tech Publishing. The Peer-Reviewer quoted below is one. Another person who's signed multiple contracts typifies the situation when he added his eagerness to continue in these trade secret replication opportunities saying he may disavow Neo-Tech but he'll do anything I want to do with him.

I did not foresee the recent turn in Neo-Tech Publishing's behavior. I had not personally read any of their material in years. Neo-Tech Publishing's works are / were the background. What results from properly using them is much more. "Fully-integrated or FIH Medicine", "income", "business opportunities" or "answers to disease" cannot be gotten from Neo-Tech Publishing (or any mass-marketer or publisher).

Neo-Tech Publishing is good for introducing people to the concepts of honesty, integration, objectivity - who have never used the concepts before (i.e. making them aware of these concepts). Recently, however Neo-Tech Publishing has been responsible for confusing new and unsuspecting readers to no end with its out of context, false, & misleading non-integrated statements. People now write me asking for explanations of what they (Neo-Tech Publishing) are doing looking at their writing in disbelief. What's happening is even the idea of fully-integrated honesty is being subverted and unsuspecting minds are being damaged. We should have all seen it coming years prior.

Neo-Tech Publishing has also embarked on a 4 year campaign to issue out of context statements and fool readers about this site's contents, attack it then "imitate" it, "manufacture confusion" between them and myself, and manipulate others into making false reader-damaging accusations that benefit Neo-Tech Publishing.

Myself and other witnesses have caught Neo-Tech Publishing rewriting testimonials to appear as if customers wrote them spelling Neo-Tech as "Neotech" (no dash, no space, no capital 'T'). Witnesses report the same pages being saved before and after certain dates clearly showing this history rewriting. I can only consider this yet another attempt to confuse readers on the difference between themselves and me and on who is copying who.

Neo-Tech Publishing previously quoted the writers of these very same testimonials as spelling the word "Neo-Tech", NeoTech" or Neo Tech" - the only way Neo-Tech Publishing and I&O have ever been seen to spell the word - until they copied me.

Previous to their rewriting history (this is only one example), I was the only one ever seen to spell it as "neotech".

Their rewriting was after I questioned them on my use of the word without the dash (one of many questions to which I never received an answer).

Tricks like this fit right in with the rest of their campaign to manufacture confusion and monopolize a generic word. To get the bottom of this, their customers who wrote the testimonials would need found and questioned at length on their original spelling of the word and relationship to Neo-Tech Publishing. Perhaps then we'll finally be able to find the single person independent of Neo-Tech Publishing and myself who succeeded meaningfully using their materials. Propaganda and manipulation should not be called 'fully-integrated honesty'.

How These Accomplishments Were Achieved:

  • 11,000 Trade Test By Highly Respected Independent Professional: $2.5K turned into over $2.5 million in under 3 1/2 Years

  • $2.5K Account Turned into Approx. $1 million (Real time, Real trading, in Real Dollars)

  • 18,000 Trade Test, 75% win, mechanical automated system (net that will not be discussed outside trade secret replication contracts)

  • A Medical Research Protocol of which a Professional Scientific Journal Peer-Reviewer who used some protocol components and has seen the studies / references on others said:

    ... "everything I have actually been able to try from your protocol does actually work... There has been nothing but effects from whatever I have been able to do with your protocol"

    ... (Said by a Professional Scientific Journal Referee who has reviewed for several major international peer-reviewed scientific journals, advised various governments, worked in well over a dozen countries, and taught up to Ph.D. level in multiple universities, whose name is recognized around the world in his specialty.)

    You can now use this same Protocol. This site's readers have been benefiting from it for over 4 years.

    This (real) scientist adds: "These people ['supposed' closest 'competition' responsible for misleading readers as below] are very limited in their scope and are not even near the ground you have been covering. They will not come close because you have moved into a realm that for ... [their "fully-integrated foolishness"] does not even exist...".

    Why did the Peer-Reviewer with these credentials choose to say things like this? Was he paid to say them? No. Were words put in his mouth? No. Was he free to say anything he thought? Yes. Here's a hint:

  • From "The Fully-Integrated (New Technology) Answer to Disease, Pt I", 2003 ed.:

    "Since the time the previous Protocol (MP) description was written almost 2.5 years ago with its medical doctor reported 80-98% 5-10 yr survival in terminal/advanced cancer, other independent highly respected medical doctors have now reported previously unheard of success rates in tens of thousands of patients across a wide variety of diseases using just 1 or 2 of the three main devices in the Protocol. (These top medical doctors are not the type you see when you get sick: they're higher up the "doctor ladder".)

    Many tens of thousands of patients have been treated by independent doctors with a success rate never before clinically documented including in otherwise "hopeless" cases. All the main MP devices have extensive clinical documentation / controlled clinical trials and are now approved as medical devices either in their country of origin or in the UK/USA.

    To describe one of the three main MP devices I adopt the term "Secret Weapon" from the description of it by those involved with the military trials. This device and its documented effects represent an intensive results-oriented effort with the cooperation of major universities, the military, hospitals, and decades of clinical research and trials. Like other MP devices, the result was a device applicable to almost all disease, that achieved very high success rates, and that anyone in any situation could easily learn to use.

    This device, which has now made it out of trials and can now be discussed (in the MP), is the first ever electro-medical device to receive wide clinical recognition and use by medical doctors for documented results of this magnitude, concept or implementation. These massive clinical results are an achievement yet unequaled by any Nobel Prize win. There are many statements by medical doctors of its unheard of success rates, even those defined as "complete ____ / long-term permanent remission of all symptoms".

    This device however is only a small part of the of the (Ultimate, Master) Protocol [MP] which requires much more to fulfill its title. Qualified scientists expect the MP's (overall) results, as opposed to this one device's results, to be of higher success rates than anything previously published or achieved. Several MP components alone have been documented by respected medical scientists and doctors as in the high 70's to high 90's %'s against even advanced or terminal disease. This one device alone is quoted by medical doctors as being 80-95% long term effective (something popular treatments cannot approach). Scientists have said putting these MP components together is thought to up the success rates considerably. Clinical reports indicate this to be the case.

    Approved drugs are called "effective" if only 2%-3% better than placebo. Approved "cures" can similarly be far less than 100%. Only a limited segment of conditions are scientifically known to be placebo-responsive. (See "A Brief History of Fooling & Manipulating the Masses, Pt. 1"). The 2-3% effective supposedly proven drugs have their own negative side effects and toxicity however.

    The standards for effectiveness used in the MP are much higher than the 2-3% popularly used. MP standards start with effect on terminal disease and fundamental mechanisms (previously unknown) which work in a uniform manner across a wide a variety of animal species.

    One "National Academy of Medical Sciences" (major world-leading country) is quoted as saying "100% of patients benefited" from the 2nd of the 3 main MP devices. It was gratifying the National Academy in that country came to the same conclusion. I independently placed it as top rated device to use since early 2001. Over a year later I read this confirmation.

    "100% of patients" however means in controlled conditions with proper blood and other tests and I think is too much to expect in clinical practice especially from any one device. It may benefit somewhere between 90-100% but unless you're a top athlete measuring performance times or have a "hopeless" injury or disease, without adequate medical tests, the benefits could be easy to miss. That's why before and after medical tests are important. The most common use of these devices is for prevention. The National Academy says 100% of patients benefited yet without adequate medical tests, you might never know what if any benefits you're getting.

    You could imagine you're getting benefits when in fact you're not... or, you could be receiving benefits and easily imagine you're not due to inadequate testing. This could then actually decrease your real benefits due to the nocebo (negative placebo) effect. For their own benefit, because they're not making money off it, anyone you hold as an authority figure could abuse their power (as authority figures eventually tend to do, even while claiming not to want to be such figures). They could falsely convince you "x" doesn't work or "breaks" the health of those who use it. They don't even have to convince you - they can just put the false idea in your mind that the non-reality has happened (then induce the unsuspecting to repeat the non-realities).

    The only way out from this abusive manipulation of the placebo effect, is to get adequate tests done, before, during & after - while trying to remain in an unbiased objective state of neither believing nor disbelieving. (You're simply testing to see what works in you.) Either belief can influence results, as can a belief in any number of a double-blind study's results - imagining they are applicable to you when the patients studied actually differed greatly from your physiological state.

    Neither animals nor properly diagnosed "hopeless" conditions are subject to placebo effects. Then there are the (major university, peer-reviewed) double-blind clinical trials for multiple MP devices showing the MP's electro-medicine works.

    A second National Academy of Sciences (major Western country) however "did" conclude 100% effectiveness - in terminal cancer and conditions which had no (other) successful treatment. These repeated controlled studies were independently conducted / overseen by one of the most prestigious scientific organizations on earth involving some of the most respected scientists in the world. Four separate controlled studies with 2 very similar devices identified & discussed at length in the MP. Their results: 100% reversal and survival of terminal cancer and other conditions in a variety of animals. 100% of the untreated controls died. Complete disappearance of "terminal" metastasized cancer, tumors and other "hopeless" conditions in 100% of treated animals. There were no recurrences. Regeneration of destroyed organs occurred.

    Previously, it was known these devices worked, but how they accomplished what they did was hard for scientists to grasp. That has changed, new research has led to new understandings, and now it is known how these devices achieve their results. This has allowed greatly simplified versions and new design improvements thanks to one nuclear engineer among others. These devices use recently discovered aspects of electro-magnetism not previously studied in medicine.

    All of these studies used only electro-medicine.

    A doctor working for a major military research office commented on one of these devices. He said there is no reason to put money into developing a bigger or better version - since the existing one already works to this extent.

    100% success rate in terminal conditions is hard to improve. No one is saying 100% with one device, its new simplified versions, or any # of MP components will continue or that there weren't lesser results before scientists figured out when and how to optimally use these devices. What is being said: this is both the frontier and the best (real) science and (real) objectivity have to offer, and there have been no tests of these devices which have contradicted these high success rates. Further, there is no valid reason why you cannot accept responsibility for your own health and participate in this research now.

    The same fundamental principles this device exploits apply uniformly, without known or suspected variation, across all species, animals & humans. Its effects have even been demonstrated in plants. The same applies to most or all other MP devices (at least mammals and humans). There are no genetic codes, stem cells, biotech, cloning, or drug interactions to tailor to individual species or even people. Some of these devices individually tailor themselves to each patient. They are automatically self-adjusting and self-diagnostic.

    Like the trading results which are as simple as possible and tested across all possible markets, these "medical systems" are virtually impossible to "curve-fit". Anything that does not work very similarly across as many species of mammals as possible and across as wide a variety of disease as possible, including terminal or hopeless, should automatically be viewed as suspect. (The only reason this is not widely done, is it would mean discarding 99% or more of accepted, medical, health, & diet practices. Very few therapies or systems work across all possible species or markets, but when you find one that does, you have something that "works").

    These and the other devices here are orders of magnitude safer than other therapies discussed by popular media & book authors. Effectiveness of these and other MP components are without equal for these and other reasons explained throughout this page. 1 [footnote]

    Most animal studies are "non-objective" (reasons gotten into in the MP): the ones selected for the MP however do not have the standard fundamental flaws. None of the animals studied however were exposed to chemotherapy or "medical" ionizing radiation. That last reason (similar poisonous treatments or "toxic controls") would be the only reason I can now see to rationally suspect significantly lesser results in humans given devices that work to this extent in other mammals. Obviously, this is an opportunity to participate in a long-term research project, but one you can participate in and take advantage of now 2 [footnote].

    The second "National Academy" scientists responsible for the animal studies later "did" use these same devices in humans with terminal conditions. (So did the device's inventor prior to the National Academy's study.) Like the animals, they reported people diagnosed with no hope of survival showed complete reversal of their conditions. Later reports were these people were alive and disease free well over 10 years from their terminal diagnosis.

    They're not the only ones. The MP names yet other doctors who report 292 cancer patients successfully treated (all as 5-10+ yr survivors). Some cases published in a reputable medical journal. Obviously, these were verified by other doctors, advanced and "terminal" patients alive & well with no sign of disease over 10 years from terminal diagnosis. A wide variety of cancers. Done using what's identified in the MP.

    One medical doctor "permanently remissed" his own cancer using this after seeing the results. The same had already been done in animals over and over again. The country's official organization comparable to the US's National Cancer Institute oversaw some of the work. Expert scientists were involved in painstaking thorough work done in the official organization's laboratories. Another independent doctor reported 100% success in colon cancer patients. As with the other MP components, some of the doctors involved you'll see (using the MP references) have been using "strong language" to describe their work. I don't, and I discourage anyone from doing so.

    Two or more of the three main MP devices are used by well known doctors who treat top international competition and sports related injuries in especially difficult cases. These doctors are used by Lloyd's Insurance Underwriters. (Even Lloyd's like their results which rely heavily on these devices).

    Electro-medicine has now been "proven" in "repeated peer-reviewed multiple major-university randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials" - as much as anything can be proven in any controlled clinical or double blind trial. (These are also verified by independent clinical experience outside the studies.)

    How one of these 3 main MP devices proven in the double-blind trials (the 3rd device) works was positively described by the only person to ever win two unshared Nobel Prizes (Chemistry and Peace, and narrowly miss a third over the discovery of the structure of DNA). He summed up how the device works. His summary revolved around the device's electro-magnetic signature along with the healthy body's own electro-magnetic signature (compared to the easily seen different electro-magnetic signature of various diseases). Disease versus health looks very different - when it's analyzed properly.

    This has been one of the 3 Main MP devices since 2000. It was 'the' main device (aside from the "Secret weapon") until early 2001 when it became one of the main devices.

    Most of these studies are yet to be published in the medical journals and some are waiting in line. 3 [footnote]

    Other MP devices are invented by a member of the Royal Microscopical Society, probably the most prestigious scientific organization on earth for the study of microscopy. He was awarded membership on recommendation of other member(s) for his invention of a microscope which is comparable to Rife's and Naessens. He reports blood cell life increases following use of his devices similar to those reported by other MP users.

    Success in all manner of animals has been equal to the extremely high success rate documented in humans including terminal and hopeless conditions.

    When disease is viewed in the proper context at the fundamental level and real objectivity, integration & honesty are sufficiently applied, effectiveness against a very wide range of disease (estimated currently 90+%) results. The goal of the MP is ultimately effectiveness against all disease (or at least all disease from which the person researching it wants to recover or prevent).

    The Master Protocol has been on the forefront of safe useable nanotechnology, vacuum engineering, and electro-medicine since 1998. In each of these areas peer-reviewed published double-blind studies, US and other patents, and/or controlled clinical trials now exist showing benefits. Thanks to one doctor and certified genius in particular the MP has taken advantage of little known under-appreciated advances in nanotechnology - completely useable in the present. Users (researchers which anyone can be if they act of sufficient self-responsibility - those who have signed the MP trade secret agreements) have benefited from nanotechnology since 1998.

    Patents, US and elsewhere, have now been received for MP devices. Still other MP devices backed by double-blind studies have full schematics available and can be easily built by almost anyone.

    The MP (because of its goal of full integration) represents the surest, safest, quickest, least expensive results possible across the widest range of disease possible. Results here would be the measuring stick & "gold-standard" to judge all others in an honest discussion, honest writing on the subject, or society based on objective honesty. The only question is do other approaches have them (documented and undeniable)? If not, what are their results? Demand better. Demand real objectivity and real honesty."

  • How to get access to these trade secrets: read this site then order now and apply.

  • How All the Above and More Were Achieved: (via prolonged, independent application of)

Jargon-Free Objective Honesty

(Free of Over-Promotion & Hype)

Proudly independent of all publishing companies, writers, and everyone else - especially those using or abusing the (now ruined) word Neo-Tech (despite my efforts to save it).

And proudly "not endorsed" by any of them. Especially independent of any company called, calling itself or billing itself as "Neo-Tech Specifics" or "Neo-Tech Anything Else".

Readers have been writing me detailing how they've been misled. Some describe themselves as "steamed" (not at me). For your protection: if a previously trusted source - including any I previously recommended based on their earlier works, has led you to believe I or my site or anyone affiliated with me has ever been affiliated with such a "co." ("Neo-Tech Specifics"), you've--suffered--through--the--latest--"neo-trick**".

(**Definition "Neo-Trick": an "improper response" to Reality that "appears" to be a "proper" one. The 'proper response' is one that is objectively "correct" - one that actually identifies Reality when one is claiming to identify it. The term "Neo-Trick" of course is humorous: there is no reason to call simple improper responses to Reality anything other than what they are - unless you want to over-sell unneeded books / courses on the subject. But then so are the improper responses to which I'm responding {jokes}. One laugh deserves another.)

For reward participation and action, report who, how & where you have been "neo-tricked" / led to believe such falsities. If you can find this imaginary co. calling itself "Neo-Tech Specifics", you will get an even bigger reward.

If you have been led to believe I or any of my web sites have ever done business in connection with this site / the web and the FM or MP opportunities, under any name, personal or company, other than my own, and the one I "do" do business under, "Alexander Moss", in the virtual letterhead above, you--have--been--"neo-tricked" (and are similarly eligible for similar reward). Report here who has "neo-tricked" you at once.

"Neo-Tech Specifics" [with or without any dashes or ".coms"] was only clearly defined on my site as my domain name and title of my web pages. I was the first to coin the words and put them into public use before anyone else started using them. If you have been led to believe otherwise, you--have--been--"neo-tricked". If you have been led to believe I, or any of my web sites, anyone affiliated with either, has ever operated from, let alone hides in, "various offshore jurisdictions", you have been "neo-tricked" and are eligible for suitable reward.

If you have been led to believe the inevitable 1-2% that turn out to be failed trade secret thieves, who signed the trade secret management contracts, freely breached them, then turned extortionists are "customers" or that trade secrets have "refunds" or can be "returned", you--have--been--"neo-tricked".

If you - or anyone who know - has been led to believe I or anyone affiliated with me or this web site has EVER even communicated medical research MP material or trade secrets with a single person without them first signing full indemnity & hold harmless contracts, you--have--been--"neo-tricked". Conditions and disclaimers of reading this web site and report describing the MP also cannot be missed. Thus, if you have been led to believe anyone's "health has been broken", which of course they fail to even report here, or a single person has lost their health due to this site, me, or anyone affiliated with either, you--have--been--"neo-tricked". As such you and are eligible for suitable reward.

If you - or anyone you know - has been led to believe "anyone" - other than an attempted trade secret thief / contract breacher talks or writes about the FM material or contracts, you--have--been--"neo-tricked". To do so is a violation of the non-disclosure, etc. conditions including freely agreed on penalties in the millions of dollars. There is no evidence anyone serious has had a problem with signing such clauses. Thus, anyone who does talk/write about these positions after signing is automatically fraudulent and very likely to be lying since no permission has ever been given to break such agreements.

If you have been led to believe the trade secrets described on this site have not been documented by qualified, knowledgeable independent parties as doing exactly what they're quoted as doing, you--have--been--"neo-tricked" (and are eligible for suitable reward).

If you have been led to believe I do nothing about breaches of contracts or that there's nothing I "can" do, you--have--been--"neo-tricked". In my fields in the letterhead above, trade secret theft is the most injurious form of theft possible. It is not taken lightly, even in attempted cases. However, if someone claiming to be honest wants to spew or repeat falsities about me simply because I have what they don't and they're not making money off it, as they shouldn't be making, then all I have to do is sit back and watch. Get out of the way and let them spew the falsities I know they want to spew. The falsities you know they want to spew. The falsities they have now spewed because I've sat back, for 4 years, waiting, watching, baiting and allowing them to think they can get away with it. Allowing them to think they can get away with whatever they want to get away with... until I deem they've ruined their own reputations sufficiently beyond possible repair. Why stop them until then? If they've decided to repeat falsities, they've decided to promote themselves by repeating falsities. If they want to do it, let them do it. For awhile.

Self-Debunking Sinking Ships eventually sink themselves. They then need a scapegoat and look around for the perceived easiest target on which to blame their own self-inflicted problems. All you have to do is let them do what they already want to do: perceive you as the easy target and they will try to make a scapegoat out of you too.

Most importantly, if you - or anyone you know - has been led to believe, that anything on this site is less than what it is - or that the known, documented MP or FM method results are anything less than what they are... you--have--been--"neo-tricked". Find out the facts, and start the process of collecting your reward now.

If you - or anyone you know - has been led to believe, I, anyone affiliated with me or my web site has violated anyone's copyright, tradename, or trademark, you--have--been--"neo-tricked". As such you're eligible for suitable reward. All writing on this site from its inception in 1999 has been either my own or that I have full permission to use and have bought from its original writer.

Inapplicable / Irrelevant (to this site or me) Trademarks or Tradenames or those obtained under false pretenses or any that failed to exist when I started using the generic word, when mistakenly applied to this site / me are an attempt at monopolization of a legally generic word and an unfair restriction of free trade not to mention free speech. Anyone can do what I've done: reference any word that has any generic meaning to say a) the type of background that is required reading for their opportunities, b) require any trade secret manager to read whatever background material they deem best, & c) credit a philosophy / self-development material / thinking tools with their success.

"Find a Liar / "Delusion-Sufferer", Over-Promote Him, & 'Repeat Him' Scams"

"Find (dig up the 1-2% known contract-breachers that are) the 'most profitable' liars / falsity-spewers / delusion-sufferers and repeat them scams", including those reputation-ruining ones where other independent people are claimed to be me or affiliated with me to falsely discredit my documented accomplishments and this site - accomplishments those over-promoting themselves by spreading these falsities lack any objective identifiable evidence they have ever approached achieving - are "find a liar / falsity-spewer / delusion-sufferer and repeat him scams". People operating on the principles of real (fully-integrated) honesty can tell what delusions and lies are. They can spot them from "large distances" away. People operating on the principles of (fully-integrated) honesty are both responsible to know better and "do" know better.

Similarly, "find the most profitable independent practitioner of ones' own general background self-development / philosophical / or other materials - that one is NOT directly profiting from - that one is not getting neo-mafia type protection money or unearned unagreed-on neo-cuts from, then twist, subvert & context-drop every word they say - and everything everyone else says about them - is a ... "find the most profitable independent practitioner of ones own general material that one is not profiting from and twist, subvert, & context-drop every word he/she says" scam.

Consider the magnitude of such scams when they take place under the guise of honesty and "integration"!

Finally, if you have been led to believe I, this web site, or any of my businesses has or ever had any USA presence or is or ever was owned or operated by any USA citizen or resident, or that any of the medical doctors described here and referenced in the MP are USA citizens or residents, or that anyone not involved in this business "is" involved, or that I am not the sole owner and operator of this business, this web site, and the FM & MP positions, you--have--been--"neo-tricked" (by people there trying to over-promote the scope of their own limited tradenames / trademarks &/or monopolize legally generic words). See my Biography Page. Email if not yet uploaded.

To prevent readers from being damaged by further intentionally "manufactured confusion", my biography and other changed / new web pages are in the process of being uploaded. Return for more very soon - to see what objective, "the" point honesty, versus subjective, "a" point "honesty", looks like in practice.

I will have nothing to do with people - especially failed distributors and failed prospective distributors - operating under the guise of "honesty" who after being dropped from consideration of exclusive world-wide / North American distribution rights for these medical and trading research replication opportunities then over-promote themselves by "neo-tricking" readers and "neo-tricking" me.

Simple objective honesty is not a cult - let alone a person or co. - and should not be treated as if it were. It does not require book upon book to explain.

"Tortious interference and inducements, including falsity spewing under the guise of honesty, to break known warned-about trade secret non-disclosure, indemnity, non-competition, etc. contracts" are... "tortious interference and inducements to break, including falsity spewing"... under the guise of honesty. Interfering in my ability to conduct business by finding the proper people - and the only type of proper people who can be accepted for these trade secret replication positions, is interference in another person's ability to conduct business and attempted prevention thereof (for unfair restraint of free trade and monopolizations of, when I use them, legally generic words.)

"Confessions of fraud from the writers of the material being repeated while pretending the original writers didn't confess fraud for what they wrote" is... "repeating what the writer already confessed fraud for while pretending otherwise".


Creating a Better World and Better Life - Now. Providing You New Tools to Succeed & Exit Self-Collapsing Medical, Scientific, Business, Philosophical, & Self -Developmental Idea Systems.

Success by "moving beyond" popularly-accepted, mistaken but religiously-followed, idea systems... by identifying and moving past the hidden limitations of present invalid paradigms.

Freeing you from the trappings of ... (modern, mainstream, medical, philosophical, self-developmental, etc.) cults.


Objective Honesty: the Unknown

& Unpracticed



Restricted Site: by reading this page you are agreeing "Neo-Tech" is a legally generic word in the publicly accepted definition in wide use from the 1980's on by commercial and non-commercial sources (check independent discussion groups not run by publishers). You agree to read and agree to everything in the immediately following link before proceeding: continued.

Neo-Tech Intro    INcome     Medicine     Contact / Orders

"Neo-Tech. With Integrity"





"Neo-Tech. That Works"

The Only One of Its Kind

(On the Web or Anywhere Else)

Independent Practitioner's Unique Application of the Neo-Tech Philosophical / Self-Development Materials - his opinion on what "fully-integrated honesty" - or (better without the jargon) simple (valid) objective honesty (to be fully defined) - looks like and means in practice:

The Neo-Tech Philosophy In Practice:

This Is How You Apply The Neo-Tech Philosophical / Self-Development Materials

... and Succeed

(far beyond any writing or books on the subject)

Hard-earned trade secrets, not the kind found in mass-marketed literature. Results of this type cannot be achieved using popular / mass-marketed "everybody can see" (ultimately "non integrated) methods.

Rationally Used and Protected Trade Secrets

Trade secrets capable of these results cannot rationally be ruined via unnecessary public disclosure, sale, or over-marketing. "Less than fully-integrated" vague generalities and "everybody can see" "information" are what can be sold (elsewhere) in these fields without total ruin. Genuine integrated trade secrets however can only be available via actual research and replication agreements.

There is the integrated, objective, honest way, and, whether the context is "alternative", mainstream, or other, there is the traditional non integrated, less than objectively honest way based on subjective "a" point so-called "honesty". "Fully-Integrated Honest medicine", not "medicine", is what's valuable. Same for trading and business replication. As long as it's genuine Fully-Integrated medicine / trading - only made possible through the prolonged application of FIH and the proper philosophical background. The kind that arises fundamentally only from a genuine FIH starting point and FIH influences. That's what's valuable.

Yes, Other Things Are Valuable, "But..."

Neo-Tech by its definition ("fully-integrated honesty") and nature only concerns itself with the maximum possible value - the "widest possible (actualized) integration". Here, that translates into the "greatest specific (applied) use". Results are the only thing that count. (Once given the "full and accurate" use of "fully-integrated honesty" / Neo-Tech.)

Business (Fully-Integrated) vs. Information Vendoring

There is also the mass-marketed way (fully-integrated or otherwise), and then there is the real tangible way (cannot be mass-marketed). Mass-marketing is necessarily stripped-down and non-specific (in the context of business methods, opportunities, investing, trading or anything of genuine income producing value). It is all that can be mass-marketed because to do otherwise would be ruinous to competitive business profits. Witness the abundance of "sold reports", vague ideas dressed up with never-ending "sales talk", and business methods pretending to be specific that simply "can't be gotten to work" after "purchased".

Replicated Actual Trade Secrets (fully-integrated Type) on the Other Hand

that are kept trade secrets, not mass-marketed published so-called "secrets" (fully-integrated or otherwise) are what's valuable. They are what's valuable specifically - or seemingly at all - in competitive environments like business where large incomes are the rewards awaiting those who can stray from herd instinct / lottery or "money-by-chance" mentality long enough to exert the necessary effort required by Reality to achieve them. Such trade secrets are the kind of information - really (fully) integrated knowledge - that cannot be and are not printed in books, newsletters, or on web sites. This is of course despite all the usual feeble-minded appeals and pretended attempts at the contrary to sell working, specific business methods at idea prices. Whether the (mass-marketing oriented) price tag is $50, $500, or more doesn't matter.

"Inside" and Private Advanced Technological Breakthroughs

The kind technically called "research" but the kind that are proven. The kind that are beyond "cutting-edge".

Neo-Tech Intro     INcome     Medicine     Contact / Orders

The "Fully-Integrated" New Technology Answer To Disease and

(not pills, diet, exercise, fiber intake, multi-vitamins, excess water, shark cartilage, other limited-value marketing ploys, or any combination thereof)

Beyond Alternative Medicine - Beyond Conventional Medicine: objective, "rational" medicine - uncompromised by marketing, sales, income sources, publishing/publ. co's, associations/external "approval", similar "funding", and other major sources of the creation of problems where none already exist - honest medicine. Participate in Responsible "Reality-Based" Research/Development whose goal is to 'Remiss' and conquer all disease and symptoms permanently, quickly without popular over-marketed "paperbacks", pollution-hunts, pills, unnecessary doctor/hospital visits, excess (tap or any) water laxatives, diet, exercise, "magnification effects" or other mass-marketed limited-value money-making ploys...

... M


Both the Frontier and the Best (real) Science and (real) Objective Honesty Have to Offer

(Goal Rapidly Being Achieved - in a way you can benefit from now - just as this site's readers have for 4 years: The beginning of)

"The End Of Disease" (Reprise) 4 [footnote] 70 years After The Original American Medical Association Announcement Then Coerced Into "Retraction"

[issued after the AMA's-pronounced 100% cure rate of "terminal" cancer patients with Rife's machine - Rife's work which is now demystified and far surpassed]

  • Far more effective and far safer than any and all popular / regularly used therapies - including those preceded by the "alternative" buzzword.

  • More Valuable Than a Trip to 1000 M.D.'s, Health Practitioners, Libraries, Gyms, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Health Stores, Book Stores and Internet Sites Combined (not replacements, just a better source of information - properly "integrated" this time). All Protocol material designed for my own use first - without care for mass-marketing.

  • "Fully-Integrated" Life-span: Slow Aging and Reverse Symptoms

  • Measurable Physiological Changes, Far More Than Diet, Pills, Excess Poisonous Laxatives (tap water & fiber cereal diets), exercise, any combination thereof

Money Without Life Is Meaningless

This is not medical advice, treatment, diagnosis, or training. "Integrated Knowledge" is the only product here, and the trade secrets / methods are not sold - only the descriptions / applications for such. This is "private" research / development only, your own (self) experiments (no one can prevent you from performing on yourself, by yourself), and the results thereof.

Why is this necessarily private research / development? Because only YOU can control the amount of mysticism / creation-of-problems-where-none-exist injected into your own "experiments" as your own researcher running your own (research and development) show.

Disclaimer: Promises or guarantees, implied or otherwise, of user / reader cures or relieved symptoms, let alone of income, are categorically not being made although remissions, total symptom relief, and long-term method results have been proven in the past in (many) other people. These are (research) "methods" whether self researched (including administered) or otherwise. Methods are methods: they are not guarantees and are only designed to give the maximum possible chance of a future event occurring in the opinion of the designer. This is not medical advice: for that, consult an (unbiased) licensed qualified medical practitioner. See # 3 in Lifespan Report to understand this more and why this is called 'research' - especially under subtitles "Use of These Reports", and "Basis of Reading / Treatment".


1 When stem cells, cloning, biotech, & gene therapy meet their own burdens of proof and remote safety, I'll look forward to adding them to the Ultimate Protocol. Due to their complicated fundamental natures, that will take many years even for overt side effects, interaction, and toxicity to become apparent. Unfortunately, they cannot yet honestly or objectively be claimed to meet the standards for both remote safety and effectiveness necessary to qualify for inclusion in the Ultimate (Master) Protocol - even for experimental, self-research purposes. Compared to the MP results described here, their effects are virtually unknown. Their risk in general scientific terms is far too high in terms of personal health to honestly contemplate "researching" until more known therapies like those in the MP (safer than tap water) are first "researched" (not medical advice).

These standards of evidence used in the MP are easy to meet - for currently useful therapies that work. If you have been led to believe proof of safety is a "fallacy" or that the burden of remote safety is "too hard" to meet, you have been relying on inadequate information sources. That is the standard line of "distributors" of known toxic, problem-causing, inferior, and unproven treatments. Over-complication and over-specialization, non-integrated tunnel-vision, and unnecessary over-dependence on and railroading into inferior but "profitable" treatments are the only things that make these standards hard to meet. I expect adult stem cells in particular to be highly useful - when they are sufficiently proven. There is no honest objective indication that will happen for many years. Government is not the main hindrance to stem cell research or your health or your success. (The main hindrance is identified below). To pretend stem cells are the only or even best method even of regeneration of damaged or lost body parts however is sheer over-promotion. To those taken in by them, such non-realities become life-shortening / health-lessening propaganda.

If you have been led to believe such futuristic bio-tech treatments are currently either "known" or as safe as the MP components, you have been relying on inadequate sources of information - some of which have been caught faking objectivity, honesty, or integration.

There is nothing wrong with futuristic yet-to-exist or be proven remotely safe biotech "money-making ventures", "full body transplants", etc. - until they're over-promoted as "the" solution, the only solution, or either the frontier or the best (real) science has, or better therapies, especially lesser complicated ones, are pretended by the biotech over-promoters not to exist, be "un"-scientific, not to work, or have non-existent problems. When biotech over-promoters claim 70-some year olds have 20-some year old bodies (they didn't on close examination) or make badly out-of-context claims to railroad innocent unsuspecting readers into comparatively inferior or unknown treatments - especially highly experimental "treatments" which have demonstrated they can be of high toxicity or "unexpected" results - as current biotech treatments have, these over-promoters "over-step" the limited scope of their boundaries and as the previous Peer-Reviewer put it, go "way over the top". Ploys of unnecessary railroaded over-dependence on biotech to solve any and all problems are damaging to those they take in. Over-promoters of these fallacies give legitimate biotech a bad name it does not deserve and hinder real science for their own profit. Those taken in by their fallacies unnecessarily risk shortened lives and /or lessened health as they wait for the over-promoters new, yet to exist or be prove remotely safe "savior technology". The MP gives you a choice. No longer do you have to be limited by the play dumb routines of the biotech or other over-self-promoters.

The job of a scientist and any honest doctor who wants results is to be objective. It is similarly so for the job of anyone claiming to be acting on fully-integrated honesty. The marketer's job on the other hand is to apply "subjectivity" and only tell you that which gets the sale or he finds profitable. Propaganda masquerading as science and "full-integration" especially by media, journal, book writers is the single greatest threat to your existence and your success. That greatest threat is more accurately termed "objectivity fraud combined with popular opinion pandering" - whether it comes from within or without. It is easiest to see when committed by those responsible to be objective including those claiming to act on "full-integration". (Anyone who wants to succeed is responsible to be objective.) Certainly honesty is a process (the excuse used by those who perpetually fall short). What the propaganda artists and professional Internet "actors" leave out is the context: the so-called process is that of "the proper response". Honesty is "the proper response" to reality. Nothing more, nothing less (amply covered in future web pages). If you see something that is "perpetually" incorrect or as incorrect / reversed as it can possibly be, know it cannot possibly be honest. If someone responsible to do otherwise is incorrect on an important issue they're responsible to be correct on before "taking sides", it's possible for it to be simple foolishness or more likely simple incompetence. If they continue their improper response and attempt to rationalize it, confuse those subjected to it, and cover it up, it is the opposite of honesty.

The perfect cover for propaganda-based improper responses to reality, objectivity fraud and popular-opinion pandering is that done under the guise of "honesty", integration, and objectivity. The strategy is simply to claim the opposite... when it suits... when it's deemed profitable and deemed it can be gotten away with. Beware of those who claim the opposite. Beware of those who don't apply their own standard to themselves. Beware of hypocrites. Honesty, integration or objectivity for convenience, when it suits or is profitable is not honesty, integration, or objectivity, and hence not real science, at all. It is so far from of an earned state of "full integration" that to claim, imply, or infer it is should cause every rationally acting person to do whatever they can to stop the outrage for their own and everyone else's good. Far from merely ruining the concept of legitimate biotech, such outrages ruin the words and the concepts of honesty, integration, objectivity and all others based on them. This must not be allowed to occur at any cost. It is everyone's responsibility to do what they can to make sure an end is put to it - everyone who wants to use or benefit from real honesty, integration, objectivity, and science. Return.

2 No promise expressed or implied of cures or even relieved symptoms are being made, and there is no medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment being given (here) - all as the many disclaimers below and elsewhere state. This is integrated knowledge and trade secrets only - how you use it including "self-research" it with your own doctor is something no one other than you is responsible for or has control over. The only promise or guarantee (ever) made is you're being given the opportunity to be let in on trade secrets of the integrated nature described here. Return.

3 Competition to be published in the major journals is great, there are 1000's in line, and the journals give priority to those studies currently in vogue [bio-tech, stem cells, cloning etc.], not necessarily those most valuable. "Study" has become an industry for its own sake, with it's own sponsors and economies. "Journal Science", like brokers, is not results-oriented. Would you rely on your brokers advice and let him do everything for you to succeed in trading? Only very minimal information if anything can be said about studies or their results a) until they're over, and b) perhaps years later, until they're published (in journals). If they're waiting in line and you say too much about them, they're thrown out of line and not published (some after years wait). The journal has to have an exclusive. I've never been responsible for any study being thrown out of line and never will (they're expensive). Aside from that, we're talking about trade secrets. Some of these studies have been done under lock & key in the presence of security personnel who watch every move. Return.

4 Quote of certain "other people", but accurately sums up the goal now rapidly being achieved. "Remissions" are vastly superior to "cures" due to the current political / economic / legal situation: they can be discussed. The word "cure" or similar will not be used (unless quoting the AMA - if they use it, then suddenly "forget" to tell people they did, and the therapy is neo-cheated into oblivion, then the word will be used.) (But only to remind of previously leaked words. Or to define the word.) (See Disclaimer above and Master Protocol section of "The "Fully-Integrated" New Technology Answer to Disease, Part I".) Return.

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