Extract from 70+ page Introductory Literature:

Surprise: I'm Not Selling Anything

(Medical reports aside.)

If you're one of those who still thinks I am, learn what Neo-Tech is [hint: not a publishing co.!], what a bantam company is [hint: it's not me - I don't have a bantam co.: you do (!) / will - supposed to anyway], what replication is [hint: not selling things, not training, not delegation], what a Neo-Tech "employee" is [hint: something to do with a private contractor and nothing to do with salaries] ... I could go on.

Just "knowing" that Neo-Tech is "fully-integrated honesty" is irrelevant to an understanding of what's going on here. To fully or correctly grasp the context (or meaning) of what's being discussed, you have to know what Neo-Tech "looks like" when it's used in practice. To do this, you have to act on honesty in the fully-integrated sense. Or at least want to, and be (quickly) willing to learn what that means without any significant "growing pains" externalized "my way".

I still get really ridiculous letters from people who think I have "students", that I write "books", that I'm involved in the sales of "manuals" or that really ridiculous current buzzword, "training", that I maybe even act as a middleman between everything I possibly can, and that they can "buy" trade secrets, and that I let anyone "buy" into a FM position or write anything they feel like on the form "I call" an "application". [Hint: I call it one because it is!]

Another good one is that they can "lease" methods from me or get them via "license agreements" (both other words for SALES). The funniest one of all of course (to me and anyone who knows me) is that I'm a writer! Just because I know how to think, and do, in an effort to guess what, find other people who can think for themselves! I hate writing... as I've said before.

If you're one of these neophytes (some of which have been trading, if that's what you can call it, for 20 or more years) who can only react by filling their heads with the above fantasies* [footnote] on seeing for the first time what business really entails, go back to the beginning and start over. (If you're going to write me anything at all that is.) And try reading what's written this time (as opposed to what some of these types like to "think" is written or are conditioned to "want" to be written). The subject here is business in the widest possible (actualized) integrated context - Neo-Tech business, not the popular (specialized, limited-value, marketing-mad) kind.

Can I help / is it my fault "what everyone else does"? Is it my fault that (virtually) no one who sends you literature through the mail / mass-marketed web offers in any way regarding "how to make money" has a clue as to what they're doing? (And that they lack a clue in more ways than one)?? (And not just in the specialized technical knowledge used to create the method itself?) Well??

* [footnote:] like the person who recently wrote "I made $200K trading last year - don't tell me what trading / Reality is...." calling these applications, contracts & introductory descriptions a "book" and demonstrating a pure hatred towards words (and seemingly ideas period no matter what words represent them).

$200K - big deal. I wish him further luck. If that constituted success in futures or any field - especially my primary one, I'd have given up 10 years ago due to lack of interest and wouldn't be in this business now (trading remember). $200K a month? Well, that may or may not qualify as interesting.

He "knew" success in business had nothing to do with intellect or philosophy or the extent to which the stupidity disease is allowed to take hold. He told me. And didn't you know - monetary success (supposedly) has "nothing" to do with you being alive & in good enough health to achieve it?? So his type want you to believe. (Easier for them that way.)

He's right about one thing though: life is hard & so is all this indeed for those who steadfastly refuse to apply the principles of "fully-integrated honesty", or seemingly any power of integration, honesty or straight-thinking whatsoever. "Integration" & "honesty" in the "every-body knows" media / academia-popularized traditional sense don't even begin to cut it. But you have to be pretty lazy to revert to those standards in the face of all that's available philosophically & specifically here & in the references.

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