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Extract from 70+ page Introductory Literature:

Unmentioned and Purposely Confused Context of Business Explained

(and My Exact Occupation Named)

You cannot USE something in these investments and sell it too (selling not to be confused with compounding oneself & ones trading by using ones methods through other people). If you "do" (sell & USE), you are cheapening / ruining it and you are not actually "using it while selling it", you are selling it. You cannot do both. It's impossible - morally, ethically, honestly, and not to mention physically - the profits just disappear. That's all there is too it. The fields are competitive. They are not get rich quick for nothing schemes. If you chose to do so, you are only saying you can use / trade it and sell it [with usually the excuse "to raise trading capital"] at the same time. There are those of us who know better. Don't confuse the profits available in anything (mass-)marketed with profits in businesses of such quality their authors USE them instead of write about them. No one is going to sell you a $100,000 (or $1,000,000!) business for, say, $10, $100, $1000 or $3000 - you'd have to pay at least $200,000 (or $2,000,000!) and even then who would want to sell if it were as good as claimed!

I do not write about making money as I know too much to do that! That would be totally immoral and unthinkable to myself and my own profits and be giving away for free my trade secrets - my very businesses that have taken years upon years of constant (original) effort and large personal expenditures to build. No way! "_____" [name of popular method writer / bookseller] and others writings may be good, but don't look for ANYONE to give away a huge [perhaps decent?] "money-maker" because each and every huge "money-maker" invariably has required a huge personal effort to build. (And you can do the same IF - a big IF - you identify and then exert the same huge personal honest effort ultimately responsible for the building of your very own "wealth-creating opportunity".) All I can (legally) say is be very wary of anyone with any reputation and any amount of testimonials who tries in any way to sell you or "make available" a "huge money-maker" - especially if it's an investment strategy. Testimonials and mass-marketed reputation are essential - to writing and to writers.

(From personal experience:) You can buy ideas for $10-$1000 and up. But what's the sense when even the good ones are so heavily marketed that almost anyone can get them. You, however, cannot possibly buy a hugely profitable business at those "idea" prices. Personally, I've never once sold business information hinting to be at all profitable because ideas and writing can never be profitable: only your self-guided building on these "ideas" over a usually tremendous time and effort can make you huge profits. NO MATTER WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY AD, BOOK, OR NEWSLETTER CLAIMS, it's just writing.

I do not "research" things in order to write or sell or otherwise falsely please others without exerting the necessary effort to gain genuine integrated knowledge of the subject (for goodness sake!) in any way, manner, or form! I research and develop things (most originally and totally unavailable anywhere else) for myself to use: what I want, what I need, what is of value to ME - or more accurately, what is of absolute maximum worth to me. Then and only then, occasionally, if there is a huge need for the same integrated knowledge I use and previously researched for my own purposes - as is the case with this report [see heart disease remissions report] - I may make it available for others to benefit from as well (in areas where it does not hurt my profits or use to do so). In business, the only reason I "write" at all is to find others to assist me in implementing / using and continuing to develop my own previous and relentless R&D - to gain independent "phantom" employees, the quality and magnitude of which allow simple, uncomplicated, rapid business growth unimaginable with cumbersome traditional employees. To develop the actual business relationships my business needs is the ONLY reason you may be able to read my brief words on business / money / investment - because these ARE what I do and this IS what I spend roughly all my time on! FIRST and foremost with no intent whatsoever to sell the literal trade secrets gained by my R&D. The purpose of my research is to produce maximum value - FIRST (before and without a thought to writing) - BECAUSE the entire point is my personal use. This is the exact opposite of practically any publisher, writer, newsletter, advisor, broker, manager, or bookseller. Virtually none of these writer / marketing / externally funded types know how to do anything else like make a living actually doing what they write about in a real business of their own - which means without writing (or consulting, "advising" or managing!) My purpose is also opposite of someone "researching" or "investigating" solely in order to write (and sell) a publication from a business standpoint!

Mine is the genuine, market-driven, profit-orientated more demanding R&D that occurs naturally on its own and is absolutely required "out there" - in the "real world" of "doers". ("Doers" don't write for a living or survive managing external funds / "advising" / trading "for" others.) Mine has as its sole purpose the "real" (and only genuinely worthwhile in the long run) use of private R&D "out there". The purpose is and always has been to actually do the thing. And, I write on investment methods only to the extent it best serves my business purpose. In the context of trading / investment opportunities I know of no one that fits that uncompromising description as I do (closest that come to mind fall under the category of general "money-making" opportunities, maybe a few printers and typesetters who want to increase their printing and rubber stamp sales via mail-order dealerships. But there's enough of those!)

And of course, there is nothing remotely academic about the businesses on which you may see my brief writing. Not theory or a sheltering "degree". I directly measure the result of my R&D in $'s - the kind professors can't allow themselves to ponder (and can't rationally conceive of anyway not being in the right environment and devoid of all genuine influences of the market - or "integrated Reality"); like many others there not to sell information or advice - I live in a far different world.

Once in a great while you'll find a good method by a writer (semi-good by the standards of private methods), but don't count on that happening. I've seen some of the investment materials of "_______" among many others, BUT even though possibly good by marketed standards, some even profitable, I have yet to see a "once-in-a-great- while-one" there. Usually, the "great while" ones are by accident by a writer who happens to have written so much that one day he wakes up and suddenly graduates into the big league of USERS. He may put out a good one or a "one-of-a-kind" one just before moving up the scale and surprising loyal "readers" (and himself). If and when that happens, don't wait around for another of similar professional quality by him.

I've even seen (a very, very few) real-life cases where once these writers have their once-in-a-great-while- (by-accident) one, they sell it. The catch is they don't advertise its success or hint to it in published writing. They leave a very few loyal customers of their previous writing the first and only crack at it (with almost no one understanding what it's really worth in practice). To base any part of your financial or personal future on that happening is to base your future on a one-in-a-million or more shot in the dark: writers try to do what I do - only they try by osmosis. They write. They think up ideas. They write more. As far as investing, they don't dig into the necessary details below the surface or even try to integrate them. If they would, then they'd get similar results to these here (and probably give up their writing).

Using even most of the popular written investment advice is much harder than writing about it. Be especially wary of high sounding credentials (past employers / organizations / "awards" [from who?!] / memberships and previous writings / [invented, curve-fitted / back-tested supposed "track-records"] referenced).

The first thing I ignore when I see method / investment "sales literature" is any testimonial. Most don't even merit comment. They can be from a total unknown. They can be from the head of "research" for someone who secretly wants you to send them all your money for "safe keeping" [theirs] so they can "manage" or trade it "for you" (brokers, etc.). They can be from a know-nothing late-night infommercial "celebrity". They can be from Hillary Clinton, the Queen of England or the Pope Himself. Or they can be from a pack of dancing circus dogs. From prolonged personal experience and tested Reality, I can say it doesn't matter who they're from. Known context droppers, paid fools, or other people who simply have yet to know (or care) what they're doing / talking about and have been compensated in some way abound. Track their statistically insignificant / irrelevant-to-overall "results" another day, week, month, year or more and you'll see just how bad it really gets. It all comes back to the irrefutable facts 1) if it were valuable, it would be used and not peddled to begin with. And 2), if you want something genuinely valuable in these fields, you have to keep in context mass-marketing and "what everybody just 'knows', let alone what everybody then 'just does' because they 'just know'". (The context is: you have to take advantage of it [where the tools of Neo-Tech / FIH come in], not follow the dancing dogs, etc. strategically placed there to mesmerize you.) You have to realize (with a minimum of time [years] spent on what can only then be ultimately discouraging failed external-authority searches) if you want something good or even done right / worthwhile - in these fields especially - you have to take the responsibility to do it yourself.

The second thing I've obviously learned to ignore is any quoted result. (You just have to test it yourself.) Virtually all of these external authority setups / marketing ploys (meaningless testimonials, supposed results, marketed reputation, credentials, etc.) are silly excuses to avoid digging below the surface and integrating the actual relevant details in practice - in a self-guided manner without reliance on external funds. This actual integration can again ONLY HAPPEN in a real, demanding, market-driven, competitive environment where your own money / time / research (& no-one else's) is on the line. And there's little time to write / advise / manage / broker / let alone sell in those [the "writing" you now see has been pieced together from a collection of letters written over an 8 year period. That's how long it took, and it couldn't have been done any sooner].

Actually, it's not as "competitive" or hard as you've probably been led to believe because almost NO ONE cares to really dig below the surface in the self-guided manner necessary, preferring to write it, sell it, buy it, or otherwise "be told" about it! That's not the way it works to anyone who has exerted an honest effort. What's hard is not doing it - not doing the work and still "trying", "by osmosis", to succeed in a mystical or non-self-guided manner. Things are learned and accomplished by doing them, not by the avoidance of doing them.

Dishonesty and non-actual-integration (otherwise known as mediocrity) run rampant in these fields, but I'm talking about neither. These once-in-a-great-while writings certainly don't come to you! The fortunate authors (and it is a certain matter of "luck" and actual gambling since they "attack" the problem by osmosis) purposely keep them quiet not advertising their results. But I won't lie to you. You can find them - after you've gained a good working knowledge of the field. Just be prepared for a 5-25+ year search (full-time, 6/7 days a week). But that externalization is simply ridiculous when in the same or less time you can build your own proprietary "opportunity" / investment method and then rationally proceed in totally controlling it's profits. Same applies to advisors, (external) fund managers, and consultants. They make a living off (your?) non-self-guided laziness. Don't tell me what I do would take too much time in your situation! I know better. In some fields, just a few people properly using the same method at once can cut the methods profits by half or more.

I do, in contrast, from time to time, offer genuinely & highly profitable literal business positions similar to partnerships or employment opportunities (very limited ones) where methods are replicated to hard-working individuals who want to BUILD with and / or for me. People who are motivated and take self-responsibility to want to DO things in business as opposed to just think about them, buy them, or "be told" about them. People who want something valuable and hence understand they need to do something of value to themselves and others. Good people. It is literally my version of full-fledged employment. The "phantom" employee gets considerably more money than traditional, is actually an independent business person who can and should eventually hire his or her own employees, works much harder, gets more done, and eventually has a better knowledge of the business because no external source finances his or her every move. For some businesses I may get 10%, others 90% of the net profits. Each is very limited - like an actual employment opportunity - and only available to the amount of employees or "partners" I need at the time. Profit split depends on end resulting profits and originality. I treated early offers as finders / consultants agreements: never again. It turned out I got far less than what at that time the profit opportunity was worth. Now I've upped my split considerably, eliminated the "commission", acknowledged the genuine and original opportunities (usually unavailable anywhere else) as the fully implemented businesses they demand to be, and had to deal with an immense increase in details any specialized writer, publisher, finder, or consultant would drown in. It takes more time (!), and it's a lot more work, but the result is greatly increased profits for both sides of the agreement even though one may be getting a lesser % of total net profits. I've heard of no other investor who goes to the trouble I do of involving other people.

Beware when someone (usually relying on his "hundreds, thousands or millions of satisfied customers who can't be wrong" but still aren't making much if any money!) tries to sell you a free business - without a reasonable (to him) profit split, without stringent legal agreements, without the very limited nature of hugely profitable employment-like opportunities (and what about the price?). Remember, ideas aren't profitable, businesses (like selling ideas!) are. Take away the profit split, agreement, and exclusive nature and it's not really a business - it's a book! Or a newsletter! Or a system! In the book / newsletter / system selling business, the more you sell, the more you profit! In the "business" business, the more you sell of your very own business, the less you profit and the more you ruin it! "An informational work" is worthless compared to a business. A business is about integration - integration of knowledge. Information is neither integrated nor knowledge especially the kind that all your competitors can easily acquire. Business is competitive. Test most marketed "business" ideas in a competitive real business environment, and even the good ones will fall flat on their face. That's why they're marketed. So their authors can make money without having to fall on their face. Ideas are not competitive; ideas are dressed up with words or technical indicators and sold!

You have 3 real, very valuable businesses here (primary field, futures, stocks) and up to 80% or more of net! I profit from your investment efforts, it is very exclusive, and I am considering stricter conditions. If you want better, you have only 2 choices: 1) build it (from scratch), and 2) work with - or more accurately for - me as I implement my own investment methods which ARE the perfect (meaning most profitable) businesses in existence (for those involved). Not because I say so, but because I've gone to great and unheard of pains to absolutely ENSURE they are, have you? Because I KNOW! Of course, statistically, positions in my businesses will probably fill shortly.

Nevertheless, if you want investment knowledge (integrated kind) or the most profitable businesses in existence, I'm the one to see. My business opportunities are not even moderately marketed and the literature has changed quickly (like every 100-200 mailed out!) See my summary / order form or web site and get my necessary literature that's available at the time for a real position in a real-live business and save your $1000- $3000 or more checks on worthless heavily advertised "investment methods" and materials ...

As far as I know, I am the first to ever "market" actual long-term, perpetually increasing in worth, business relationships, business replication, and employment opportunities through the mail (now the web), and that confuses some people because the only things they've seen for comparison are "mail order" books, reports, systems "informational works", and get-rich-quick schemes - no wonder they're confused!

I think the mail (/web) is the single best marketing vehicle possible for both sides of nearly any business or employment relationship. It's beautiful: the mail (/web) is the only way in existence to hope to find the best people (or proper people for these offers), the most naturally self-guided, and the most forced into independence and therefore actual entrepreneurial decision-making and accountability of their own actions - both totally non-existent in traditional employees. It is the only way I see - at least for what I do - to facilitate maximum motivation, maximum freedom, maximum productivity, and maximum money for both sides. "Employees" actually own their own business within my business and run their business with a minimum of interference from me. At least in what I do, the vast majority of the time, personal contact and phone calls do not even come into play until the person has proven he or she has the self-discipline to follow simple directions and until he or she has made me money. I keep in close contact of such peoples' efforts but even phone calls are almost always an unnecessary waste of time to avoid integrated competitive effort. I deal only with people who want to think for themselves - because that's the only place the real money is (for anyone). In my main business, investing, there is no "store" or industrial plant, and I'm there to please myself first and only. I am both the producer and the consumer, and the only limitation is I get to consume only what I can first produce for myself. ZERO dependence on others - producers or consumers. Zero selling. It isn't Burger World! The people run their own business - do, for example, all the investment analysis, all the investing / order placing, all the testing, all the developing, and the accounting, all the thinking, all the hiring / firing / contracting, all the financing within the context of their responsibilities. Of course, I show them exactly how and fix it so initial capital is virtually no consideration ... The only deciding factor is their own effort. The business is constantly improved from both sides. Building never stops.

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